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  • Premier Icon leffeboy

    And you’re back online already – respect

    And best wishes for a super speedy recovery


    Thanks. 🙂


    Premier Icon ton

    get well soon Rachel…. 😀

    Had a fall on a snowboard 4 weeks ago, left knee popped out of joint whilst falling and then popped back in before i settled. got up and carried on boarding and put a knee brace on for the next 3 days. all was fine until last weekend when launching myself of drops on my bike i upset said knee again! it hasnt stopped making itself known since, off to docs asap.


    Where to start?

    Knees. Creaking and groaning and probably torn cartilage in at least the right one.
    Elbows. See above
    Abs. At least one is ruined thanks to wakeboarding
    Fingers. Sore joints, don’t work well in the cold.

    I feel old.

    Just read some of the other replys above mine, forget what i said, its nothing lol


    Got a split in my thumb that’s quite sore, it may affect my shifting at the weekend if still open

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Feel pretty fecked compared to 10 yrs ago when i didn’t bother working but just rode my bike all day and all i had to worry bout was keeping fit, ergo i was pretty fit n’ healthy and nae pain or worries. A car accident caused this damage back in 1991, mostly spinal and i was paraplegic for 5 weeks till one neurosurgeon thought “what the hell – you’re **** anyway so i’ll go in to your spine and see what i can do if you’ll let me”. Glad he did as i regained movement and walked out of the spinal unit 4 months later.

    Two vertebrae removed, along wi 4 ribs and bits of bone removed from spinal cord, most of the others have been fused together with titanium rods (hartman loop), 4 inches shorter in the spine than what i should be, sciatic nerve along with spinal pain/spasms is EEEEK! at times, intestinal tract is reduced (surgery), stomach is reduced (surgery) , kidneys work to a certain degree, bladder n’ bowel control is ?…….. circulation is borked, standing up all day at work leads to odema and fluid build up at base of spine which presses on spinal nerves, so i hang upside down on a tilt table every night for an hr to help matters, if i work during the day i’m too fecked/legs swollen/pain etc to ride my bike at night, if i ride my bike during the day i feel great due to non-impact activity but that doesn’t pay the bills so i have to work during the day to pay bills ergo i’m too fecked to ride or exercise at night.

    I have a cunning plan though……two more years and i will be free of debts then i’m packing all work in and going cycling till i can’t cycle any more and when that occurs i’ll worry bout what happens then. 😀

    EDIT : forgot my right leg now drags a bit as i cannot get it to work properly and it’s power is reduced 30% according to my recent test at the spinal unit….so i have a hunch on my spine, drag my right leg…..Hmmmm?….Esmerelda…where are you?. 😀


    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Over the years I’ve managed to pick up 13 fracture injuries, finger, wrist, rib, scapula, tibia, fibular, fibular, other wrist, another rib, sternum, coccyx and a couple of crushed vertebrae, T11 and T12. The two fib breaks in my left leg were never reduced, so occasionally I get a bit of swelling and discomfort which lasts me a couple of days if I overdo it on that leg. The crushed vertebrae have left me getting on for an inch shorter than I used to be. I also have FAI in both hips, congenital apparently. My right hip has recently become a bit limiting, inasmuch as I have to take regular doses of codeine, paracetamol and NSAIDs. I spent a long time feeling sorry for myself (it was diagnosed last June) but a recent event has made me take stock and realise that it only holds me back as much as I let it. Mrs Scape tells me off if I mope around, and positively encourages me to go cycling. She’s right. The more I do the better it feels, and the pain, though still at the same levels, at least makes sense if I’ve had a day hooning around! I’m 49 and I’m not ready to give up yet.

    Edit: SOmafunk hadn’t posted before I wrote my bit, and that “get on with it and worry later” is about right. Life’s far too short to limit yourself in case something worse happens.

    Blimey we are not a great advert for our sport with all the injuries we’ve sustained MTBing 😕

    Good luck to all those who are receiving treatment for their injuries/illnesses & get well soon.

    After a serious RTA at age 19 I had to give up all forms of sport.
    A permanent nerve injury means that I have no bicep or tricep muscles on my right arm, luckily my right hand still works so I can change gear & brake but going downhill I am effectively riding one-handed which is very interesting to say the least.

    4 years ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer but fortunately it was caught at an early stage & the melanoma was removed in two operations, the second one has left me with a large zig-zag scar on my shoulder as a constant reminder of how lucky I am, another 12 months & I will hopefully get the ‘all clear’.

    I resumed playing footie again nearly 10 years ago & I now regularly play twice a week & usually get a couple XC rides in too.

    I’m 52 this year & I think I’m probably fitter now than when I was 17 or 18 years old. Life is good & I intend to make the most of it while I’m still here.

    Last week I bought this as a present to myself cos life is too short.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Yeah, quite right scapegoat – look what happened to Michael Bonney (of orange bikes) a few weeks ago…..kinda puts all our gripes n’ moans into perspective – as long as i can continue to wipe my own arse then it’s not all bad in my life.

    When i was in the spinal unit at Edenhall (musselburgh) there was a young boy brought in that had tripped over his shoe laces as he ran for the school bus and broke his neck, i was only 19 when i was in hospital but this boy was only 13yrs old and for the rest of his life he will need constant help for everything. For the sake of 10 extra seconds to tie his shoelaces he is now tetraplegic.

    We should all be grateful for what we have but it is human nature to gripe n’ moan – nowt wrong wi that at all but sometimes it’s good just to take stock of what we really have.


    Knee recon new acl and pcl plus torn cartilage in 2009 and hip resurfaced in 2012!! All done by 33 now bn told my hip is will need it in a few yrs!! So much for rugby

    A shoulder that keeps popping out
    Wrists that are both ruined
    Knees ok right now

    Add that to 36 years of skateboarding, much of it on vert concrete… A lot of climbing… And I am not in great mechanical shape.


    Put my face through the rear windscreen if a toyota hilux tonight, ouch just got back from a&e eith 20 or so stiches…

    bastard did an emergency stop in front of me and i was riding too close.

    bloody bikes fine too!?


    Bloody ell soma. By contrast in 1991 I was in a car that somersaulted a few times. I had broken cubes of glass in my shoes and had to be pulled out but no injuries.

    Humbling reading some posts. Healing vibes to many.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Humbling reading some posts. Healing vibes to many

    exactly that.


    bunching of moaning hypocondriacs <sp?> the lot of ya, winging pommes 😉 MTFU.

    I wrote a story detailing my injuries for STW (the hard way to become a poet) eight years ago. It was too long to be published.

    I reduced it by about 50% and they printed it

    I am just recovering from snapping my foot off last September and could probably write The Hard Way to Become a Poet volumes 2 & 3


    Some very arresting contributions here.

    Somafunk, about the rib removal, is it true? Y’know, what they say?

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Apart from the hump on my spine and my semi-dodgy right leg you prob couldn’t tell anything had happened to me when you see me walking, put me on a bike and i was just as fast as anyone else and raced for years, used to be able to nip round all of Kirroughtree in under 2hrs on the SS time and time again so it’s only in the last 5 yrs that my injury has caught up wi me and caused a few problems but i’m back on the bike these days so it’s all good!. BTW – after they put me together in 91 i walked out the hospital to cheers n’ tears, 12 months later i was trollied back in as i had a big crash on my MTB in a very early downhill race and hit a tree at speed – ripped out the titanium hardware holding my spine together and it poked out my back but thankfully all the bone grafts and spine fusion had made my spine stronger so that wasn’t damaged at all, i only broke 6 ribs and had a punctured lung and damaged spleen…….i did get a massive genuine bollocking from my surgeon though, i told him “but i’m good practice for you” , he’s now become a good family friend 😀 .

    The NHS when it works is absolutely fantastic.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    what they say?

    What?, that you can do the doggy lick?…dunno?………the bastards fused most of my spine so there’s no way of finding out without breaking it again. 😀


    the bastards fused most of my spine so there’s no way of finding out without breaking it again.

    Ahhh, they giveth and they taketh away.


    Well, I had a good night last night on the ward. Even managed to sleep a fair bit! Not a fan of being woken every two hours, mind…


    Premier Icon somafunk

    That used to pi$$ me off big style, every hr or so they’d come and turn me to avoid bed sores or wake me up to ask if i wanted any medication…i was asleep you bloody idiots!!….still – there was some very cute nurses 😉

    Day off work t’day so heading to kirroughtree wi a mate – wheeeeee!

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I got a nasty paper cut yesterday

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I’ll have to read al this later. I’ll add mine to help me find my way back here

    I’ve had frozen shoulders on both sides. Pretty much better now

    Tendonitus in left wrist can still be sore 15 years later. But doesn’t really stop me doing things. Tennis elbow in right arm is similar age an status

    Pain in left knee controlled by orthotics

    Achilles tendon in right ankle hasn’t been right after fall 25 years ago. Level pavement no idea what happened. This I think has led to Arch pain controlled by ridding in walking boots

    Upto a week ago I was feeling really fit

    Then I fell of a Segway and tor ligaments in my left ankle. It should heel fine but all these injuries leave me feeling scared. Both achilles are sore from the change in use


    “Then I fell of a Segway”

    Are you George Bush?

    I didn’t think this was actually possible?

    Premier Icon ampthill

    It is humiliating and the humiliation feeling of being an idiot really doesn’t help. Its so ironic that Niece and son had really moved on Mountain Biking AT CYB 3 days before. They road the MBR really well so it was the first time in years I’ve ridden anything I needed to think about as usually I’m aiming not to show off in front of them. Not a scratch on any of us or a feeling that any of us was close to falling off

    We were whipping through the trees on an off road segways but still very much a Blue run or even green. I was struggling a bit and trying to keep up with my daughter. I think I clipped a tree with the inside wheel or hit a branch. I feel off the back and my foot was momentarily held by the edges of the platform you stand on. Hence the damage

    Broken ACL in left knee from combo of skiing accident when I was 16 and fruit salad game at a youth camp when 25. A bit of pain nearly always, but after reading this lot, I don’t think I’ll mention it again.

    Premier Icon deadslow

    Aged 44
    Had Ankylosing Spondylitis (an auto immune inflammtory arthritis of the spine ) NASS websitesince aged 23. On all sorts of heavy duty meds (injections etc) but feel much better on them than not. Apart from not knowing the long term side effects of these I would much rather lead a semi normal life with an unknown risk than a miserable existence without them.
    The usual tally of broken wrist, numerous stitches, snapped tendon in my hand repaired with graft from my arm, stiff neck leading to frequent migranes I am actually OK! I still ride both on and off road, walk the dog and play squash badly.
    Healing vibes to those suffering!


    Back – Prolapsed disc and general arthritis in lower back.
    Knee – 4 ops, MACI & TTO – 2 years off bike as a result. Can’t run, ski or do any imapct sports – but i can bike (for time being!).
    Wrist – 3 ops to repair scaphoid lunate ligament which snapped. 4 months off bike.
    Shoulder – found out last week, I’ve torn a ligament in my shoulder and require surgery (Biceps Tenodesis) to sort that out.

    On the upside, I’m 42 but have a metabolic age of 23 🙂


    Left ankle stiff after snapped tibia and 4 months in plaster 32 years ago. Right ankle very stiff after multiple bad sprains. Left shin always tender to knocks. See above. Left knee hates downhill walks. Was abused as a teenager. Right knee as most of cartilage missing after op. Both hips getting achy. Lower back hates bending down especially for more than a few seconds and tends to want to stay like that after a few minutes with the chainsaw. Somewhere under right shoulder blade after over the bars trip on motor bike 30 years ago. Right shoulder seems stiff and achy and hates being slept on leaving me with pins and needles. Left shoulder just hates being slept on. Neck often achy, probably due to shoulders. Both elbows very tender if knocked and right prone to tennis elbow . Hands and wrists both achy, arthritis setting in I am told and fingers go numb if too long on the bike. Gut now tender after hernia op involving bowel just before Xmas. Other than that I’m fine. 50 yesterday. 🙁

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Broke ACL in left knee 30 years ago, have ridden and skied since
    Broke ACL in right knee in Dec, recovery has been slow with what feels like a long way to go, no riding (or anything else) since
    Normal cuts, bangs and scrapes, dislocated finger last year just about sorted now, just a bit lumpy. That sort of stuff takes much longer to heal at 50 than it did at 20

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Is vastly impressed by some people’s ability to just keep going. Inspirational stuff

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