Anyone for Semis? Fort William World Cup DH results & talking points

The first World Cup Downhill round of the year took place in not-rainy Scotland. Here\'s the results, reports, highlights vids and some chat.

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NBD: Sonder Evol, Norco Optic & Sight, YT Decoy Core, World Cup tickets…

This is where we quick \'n\' dirtily round up all the more interesting press releases from our inbox and hurl them through your screen.

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6 Takeaways From Red Bull Hardline Tasmania

The season’s Downhill racing has started. It’s official. What did you make of the new Tasmanian Red Bull Hardline event? Here are some takeaways from our point of view. 1....

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New (Baffling) Rob Warner video: The Way Back

What is Rob Warner up to now? Watch this video and see if you can figure it out. Is this a pitch to come back and race Masters? A pitch...

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Mick Ives – A British Cycling Legend 1939 – 2024

RIP Mick Ives 10 August 1939 – 18th January 2024 Mick Ives was a force of nature, one of a kind, a true cycling legend. They just don’t make them...

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Mountain Bike Personality Of The Year: Jackson Goldstone

Much like in his two race wins of 2023, Jackson Goldstone totally dominated the voting in this category. Fair play that lad.

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Best Article: ‘Look At The Time’ by Chipps

Your votes have been counted, and you have decided that the best piece of writing you’ve read this year, either in print or on this here website, is ‘Look at...

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The Most Read Stories of 2023

Another year, another round of algorithms, another top 10 of articles… Giving some insight into the power of Google and social media, the top 10 is not a happy round...

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What’s The Cheapest Way To Watch Mountain Biking Now GCN+ Is Closing?

If you got the email announcing the end of GCN+ and understood it first time, perhaps you should consider applying your brain to understanding politicians, or solving the Riemann Hypothesis....

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Vote Now! Best Mountain Bike Personality – Singletrack World Awards 2023

Who has worked the hardest, raced the fastest, championed the most or just helped enable more of us to get out and ride this past year

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Vote Now! Best Article – Singletrack World Awards 2023

The best piece of writing you\'ve read this year, either in print or this here website.

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Downhill World Cup: How is it for you?

We\'re just past halfway through this year\'s brave new world of Downhill World Cup racing. How has it been for you?

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Women’s DH World Champs Race Report and Results

A live, watch along style race report for you… We’re watching along on Eurosport/GCN… coverage is poorer than we’d hoped. We’re seeing the start gate, and the finish line, and...

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Watch trailer for ‘Shires’ – A Very British Bicycle Film

This looks like it\'ll be a good \'un. Shires is a bike film encompassing UK riders, locations, landscapes and the sh*t* weather.

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New Just Ride Podcast with Eliot Jackson and Rob Warner

Now, we know that you’re already very well served by the Singletrack World podcast, and Making Up The Numbers, but Rob Warner and Eliot Jackson think they’ve got something to...

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New UCI Mountain Bike World Cup show hosted by Rob Warner, Eliot Jackson and Emily Batty

Episodes will be released throughout the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Season. Watch Beyond the line only on Red Bull TV from today.

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Lenzerheide DH World Cup: How Was It For You?

SPOILERS. The racing itself was as amazing and entertaining as ever, but how did the new format and the new broadcasters fare? It\'s time for some \'hot takes\'.

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Interview | Rob Warner: ‘Look At The Time!’

Chipps quizzes Rob Warner, on lucky breaks, World Cup racing and how commentating saved him from himself. Words & Photography Chipps CAUTION, CONTAINS ALL OF THE SWEARS. NORMALLY WE TONE...

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WTF is happening at tomorrow’s MTB World Series DH?

Welcome to the brave new world of elite Downhill racing. New race formats, new schedules, new broadcasting rights and new commentators.

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Singletrack Issue 149 Is Out Today – How Will You Read Yours?

If you receive a printed copy of the magazine each issue, it’s now in the post – we can’t be sure exactly when it will land with you, but if...

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Tracking The Health Of The Bike Industry In 2023

There are a lot of signs that the bike industry is going to struggle in 2023, so we thought we’d start a story to track some of the stories we...

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Join us today to receive Issue 149 of the magazine!

June’s issue of Singletrack Magazine is about to head to the printer for… er… printing. It’ll also be making its way through the digital pipes so that you can read...

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Issue 149

This issue’s cover is by Martin Bissig. It’s got a distinctly Scottish Island feel to it, though that’s not in fact where it was taken… The emerald green Soca river...

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soca river slovenia 149 cover

Desert Island Disc Brakes – With Nick Craig

There’s a bit of everything thrown in to this week’s episode. We have Mark, Chipps and Amanda trying to make themselves heard over a cacophony of mating geese; an excerpt...

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Spy Shot – New Specialized Bike Spotted In Banyoles

Specialized debuted a secret new cross country race bike this weekend

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Fresh Goods Friday 640: Three Feet High Edition

This is the shintro... coming at you like a BMX shark bite pedal at your 1980s shins.

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BTR trail tool

Vitus Bikes: A Brand for Real Riders

In the bike world, it could be said that we’re all a little guilty of following the crowd. But occasionally, someone will come along, shake things up a little, and...

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Vitus Bikes Team

Singletrack Reader Awards – The Winners Revealed!

The Singletrack Reader Awards are voted for by you, so thank you to everyone who cast their vote in the name of mountain bike democracy. Congratulations to all the finalists...

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Singletrack Reader Awards Finalists: Mountain Bike Personality Of The Year

Who has worked the hardest, raced the fastest, championed the most or just helped enable more of us to get out and ride. Who has inspired you the most in...

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