Interview | Rob Warner: ‘Look At The Time!’

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Chipps quizzes Rob Warner, on lucky breaks, World Cup racing and how commentating saved him from himself. Words & Photography Chipps CAUTION, CONTAINS ALL OF THE SWEARS. NORMALLY WE TONE DOWN THE ODD BIT OF SWEARING IN INTERVIEWS SO AS TO NOT OFFEND MORE SENSITIVE READERS. WITH ROB WARNER, HOWEVER, SWEARING IS HALF OF HIS VOCABULARY, SO WE’VE LEFT THE LOT IN. STOP NOW IF YOU’RE EASILY OFFENDED. Rob Warner is a dick. He’s rude, crude, breaks stuff for fun, has no respect for women, authority or, well anybody really and he acts like he owns the place, wherever it...

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  • Interview | Rob Warner: ‘Look At The Time!’
  • Gritstone
    Full Member

    The pdf magazine seems to have cut that interview off, missing page ?

    Full Member

    Sounds like he’s on a mission in life and loving it. Does he need a co-host?

    Full Member

    Dare I say, one of the best STW articles I’ve read, pure and honest passion from Warner. Used to love watching him race and only latterly got into watching WC DH, which he was a huge part of.

    Full Member

    @gritstone – That had been spotted. Can you tell me if it’s working properly now. @jimmy – thanks for the props 🙂

    Free Member

    Really good article. I knew almost nothing about him before reading it, so great to learn what his background was and his thinking on commentating etc..

    Likewise the Ratboy interview months back was excellent for pretty much the same reasons. ( not commentating, obvs)

    Full Member

    All good now thanks

    Full Member

    I’d heard there was swearing in this article, but I didn’t expect this…

    Caution Cont

    Full Member

    tee hee.  thought exactly the same

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