WTF is happening at tomorrow’s MTB World Series DH?

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Welcome to the brave new world of elite Downhill racing. This weekend in Lenzerheide, Switzerland will see new race formats, new schedules, new broadcasting rights and new commentators. Good luck everyone!

New format, new schedule

From now on, these races are still called “World Cups” individually but the overarching multi-discipline collection is known as the “World Series” now. Yeah, not entirely sold on the name TBH but hey-ho. We think most people are still going to use the term “World Cup” for all the racing for quite a while yet. Old habits die hard and all that.

There’s a new format to go along the new name too. And there’s no more Timed Training (boo!). There is still Qualifying, which still does award some points. But there are also now “Semi-Finals”. Semi-Finals happen on the same day as the Finals. Semi-Finals and Finals have points awarded.

Saturday (June 10th) Schedule:

UK times are as follows:

  • 7:30am – 9:00am: Training
  • 9:45am – 10:20am: Elite Women’s Semi-Final
  • 10:20am -12:00pm: Elite Men’s Semi-Final
  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm: Elite Women’s Final
  • 1:00pm – 2:00pm: Elite Men’s Final

New format, new points system

Essentially, the new format sees an initially large number (much larger than in previous World Cups) of entrants get whittled down to a Final featuring 30 men and 10 women.

To be more specific, from the large initial field of riders today’s Qualifying (begins at 2.30pm UK) will see that field reduced to 60 men and 50 women. These riders go on to the Semi-Final, which will then reduce the field to 30 men and 10 women, who will go on to the Final.

Hardcore DH fans can watch the whole shebang, including today’s Qualifying. Whereas your more casual – or time-starved – viewer can just tune into the Finals.

Of most initial interest will be the Semi-Finals and how they affect the racing. Tactics and all that. Not so much in this initial race (where we suspect everyone will just go full-tilt all-the-time) but later on in the season there may well be some tactical racing occurring. Who knows? It’s impossible to say right now. And while ‘tactical racing’ is often a polite way of saying ‘boringly playing it safe’, it could well be that tactics adds an extra dimension to what is already The Best Sport On The Planet.

Anyway. Points.

For Men, the top 60 places in Qualifying, Semi-Finals and Finals get points.

For Women, the top 15 places in Qualifying, Semi-Finals and Finals get points. There are fewer spots because of the smaller overall field of entrants.

Well actually, some of these places (in Qualifying and Finals) get zero points, as you can see below. But you get the idea. Hopefully.

Points System: Men


Points System: Women


New broadcaster, new deal

No more Red Bull TV. It’s now ESO and Warner (no relation) Brothers Discovery.

You can watch all of the racing on Eurosport and Discovery+ and via GCN+. Some of the racing will be free-to-watch for anyone and everyone, but the main Elite-level points-winning things will be pay-per-view.

It’s a bit late now (sorry!) but at every round of the DH World Series the Elite-level Qualifying – that usually happens a day or so before the main Finals day – will be free-to-view. As will the whole of the Junior-level racing, Finals including (which being at 12.15pm UK today). Which is nice.

As regards paying-per-viewing, via GCN+ there are two options. Annual or monthly. Annual subscription is £39.99. Monthly is £6.99.

Today is June 9th. The final World Series race of the year takes place on October 8th. So that means that in terms of just watching World Series Mountain Bike racing for the next four months, opting to pay monthly will total £27.96. You’ll just need to remember to cancel it when October arrives!


No more Red Bull TV, no more Rob Warner. In the ESO era, commentating duties are going to be headed up by Ric McLaughlin.

Good luck Ric.

Unwise predictions

Anyway, about the racing itself. And the racers.

Last year’s World Cup Overall titles were won by Camille Balanche and Amaury Pierron.

Last time the racing was at Lenzerheide, Myriam Nicole and Amaury Pierron were the winners. Myriam Nicole is currently not due to race this year’s due to concussion recovery.

So, let’s play ‘who do we want to win’, versus ‘who do we think will win’.

Who do we think will win?

Vali Höll and Amaury Pierron.

Who do we want to win?

Rachel Atherton and Jordan Williams. Obvs!

Yes, Rachel Atherton is racing. And Jordan Williams has made the move up to Elite.

Join in via the comments below 👇

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  • WTF is happening at tomorrow’s MTB World Series DH?
  • Ben_Haworth
    Full Member

    Secret source: “I only found out the other day that if you have BT Sport then you also now have access to Discovery+ and you can watch the racing there.

    “You just have to go<wbr />discovery-plus and follow the steps.

    “BT and EE are now one in the same, so some people with EE mobiles may have free access to BT without knowing it!”

    Full Member

    Re: Protected Riders and how that all works – there’s a good post on Intense’s website about it…

    Free Member

    Embrace the profanity… 🤫

    Free Member

    I’m not seeing it on the sky Eurosport schedules, I assume sky don’t carry all the Eurosport content 😢

    Full Member

    The points awarded for the various bits has changed from the table above, less for semis than that after the riders suggested it was unbalanced.

    Free Member

    I’m not seeing it on the sky Eurosport schedules, I assume sky don’t carry all the Eurosport content 😢

    If you have Sky Q / Glass you can add Discovery + for free

    I did it yesterday. The app on Sky Q is slow and clunky, and currently half the schedule for this weekends DH is missing !

    discovery+ on Sky Q, Glass and Stream | Sky Help |

    What is Rob Warner doing these days? I hope he finds some role with it all – he is the voice of DH

    <h3>Who do we want to win?</h3>
    Rachel Atherton and Jordan Williams. Obvs!

    So is Rachel do a full season or just dipping in when she feels like it?

    Full Member

    Ah gad! Will update the tables ASAP!

    Full Member

    Unbelievably frustrating that it’s not being broadcast on the proper Eurosport channels. About the only positive I could take from the demise of red bull was the expectation of watching it on TV with no dodgy app issues that plagued the red bull app a lot. Let’s see how the discovery app handles it

    Full Member

    Rachel is only doing a few, good short interview with her on Wyn’s track walk

    Full Member

    TBH I enjoy watching the XC and DH series racing enough to stump up the (discounted) £22 for an annual GCN+ pass a couple months ago. Canned a Patreon subscription (sorry Duzer) to pay for it.

    Free Member

    The DHI World Cup still exists, it’s part of the MTB World Series…..

    Free Member

    Joined Discovery+ so I can tune in. At £7/month with ability to cancel after the short season ends it doesn’t seem too bad value-wise. Also pleasantly suprised to see a fair bit of other content on there that I might actually watch – MX, climbing, 24hr Le Mans… Formula E (jk)

    Free Member

    Is qualifying being shown live? I can’t see it listed on youtube, GCN or Discovery but was under the impression it was going to be shown.

    Full Member

    I discovered that although I don’t pay for BT Sport (and they’re always asking if I want to add it), I do have access to it through only paying them for broadband.
    I was just able to add on Discovery+ for free, downloaded the D+ app and it’s all working fine.

    Full Member

    Watching the Juniors in the background whilst ‘working’. Ahem.

    Cedric is great in the commentary box, Not too bad with Ric. Coverage seems good.

    Junior men are caning it!

    Full Member

    The future’s looking bright!
    Fair play to

    Spoiler for
    Nathan Pontvianne

    for being able to

    Spoiler for
    get up and throw his bike over the line.

    He’s going to be sore once the adrenaline level drops!

    Full Member

    Not to mention the fella that used the tree as brake. 50mph – 0mph in 0.1 of a second, and he got up and rode the rest. Can’t help thinking that was a bad idea, he seemed to hit the tree with the middle of his back. ****.

    Full Member

    Who would I like to win. Anyone not wearing a RB helmet. But that’s probably just my prejudice coming through

    Full Member

    Not to mention the fella that used the tree as brake

    Yeah, that’s going to smart a bit

    Free Member

    can anyone explain how to watch it via Prime?  I have disco + sport but cant find any listings for this weekend!

    Free Member

    Just watching the Junior Men – I cant see any difference positive or negative to the new hosts. Not sure I like the ascents on the commentary though

    Full Member

    Can you watch replays on Discovery+ or GCN+?

    Full Member

    Not to mention the fella that used the tree as brake…and he got up and rode the rest.

    all for nowt too as I imagine he’ll be DQ’ed as he came back on the wrong side of the tree.

    Full Member

    Can you watch replays on Discovery+ or GCN+?

    I don’t know about Disco, but on GCN+ yes. You can also watch road racing for months on end if you so wish by the looks of things.

    Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 16.21.31

    Full Member

    I suspect Eurosport 1 or 2 may  show the Downhill normally, but this weekend they are covering Le Mans and Roland Garos tennis, which presumably will give them the larger viewing figures.

    Full Member

    I will try btsport, although it didn’t work when I last tried. Tbh, as much as love watching xc and downhill, all this faffing about with this and that channel, puts me off. Almost not worth it.  A GCN+ trial only worked on a laptop that was then cast to a tele. Rubbish levels of faff.  Redbull just worked.

    Free Member

    Through Virgin TV I get Eurosport 1 & 2 channels, they showed the first XC round live but this weekend it’s all a day delayed, maybe due to the high profile oil burning / bat sports as mentioned above, or maybe not as surely something else will clash with the next rounds.


    Free Member

    No idea. Lost interest tbh. I’ll keep up to date via the vloggers.

    Just let me know once Goldstone clinches the title.

    Full Member

    Just pay the £6.99 a month for discovery+

    Its a latte and slice of cake a month lol

    Full Member

    A GCN+ trial only worked on a laptop that was then cast to a tele. Rubbish levels of faff. Redbull just worked

    Rose tinted glasses? I remember getting the Black Screen Of RedBull many times, was frankly relieved when they had a consistent livestream on YouTube.

    Full Member

    Don’t have a tv so am I correct in thinking I’ll need to sign up for either discovery+ or GCN to watch the downhill on my iMac/iPad?.

    Full Member

    Just retried btsport. Failed again. Sod it, just get pissed instead. Watching bike races on the TV can do one.

    Full Member

    Watched the Juniors race on GCN+, a pity they didnt hire the announcers for an extra hour to cover them!

    Camera coverage was a bit weird at times and the age old timing messups from redbull are still there 😀

    Nothing wrong with the GCN+ app on AppleTV/iPad though!

    Full Member

    Just tracked down the quali results, thanks Misspent Summers!

    Rachel Atherton back with P2 in quali, I really wasn’t expecting that, that’s amazing and now I’ll end up paying to watch 😀

    Full Member

    No one watching the women’s semis?

    Subscribed to D+ and streaming to the TV via Chromecast. It’s occasionally freezing and pixelates…not sure if that’s the feed or my old Chromecast??

    Edit – think it’s my old Chromecast. Seems fine watching on the phone and tablet.

    Full Member

    @xora I believe that the GCN+ app default is ambient sound. You need to change the language playback settings to get the commentary.

    The GMBN YouTube feed is flawless

    Edit: go Rachel!!!

    Free Member

    Weird I did post to this earlier

    using the sky app wasn’t working at 9:30, plus they changed the time to 9:35. Then just got a blue screen saver .

    Got bored of waiting and now watching for free on YouTube GMBN even though I don’t have a subscription

    Full Member

    Watching the semi final live right now on YT for free.

    is it just me or are there more cameras than the Red Bull set up?

    Free Member

    It’s now completely disappeared off the discovery app on sky and saying it starts at 11:45 today 🤷‍♂️

    Full Member

    @ocrider aaargh I totally missed the very non obvious audio options thanks!

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