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June’s issue of Singletrack Magazine is about to head to the printer for… er… printing. It’ll also be making its way through the digital pipes so that you can read it in a variety of electronic formats. However, if you’re planning on lying on a beach, or perhaps camping somewhere peaceful, perhaps you’d like the soothing immersive experience of print. Turn off, dive in, tune out the world.

Whatever format you choose to read, you can be sure of a great mix of adventure, information, opinion and imagery to stoke the imagination. Make sure you’ve signed up and kept your payment and address details up to date by 25th May to secure your access to this edition.

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Issue 149 Cover

This issue’s cover is by Martin Bissig. It’s got a distinctly Scottish Island feel to it, though that’s not in fact where it was taken…

The emerald green Soca river
  • Camera: DJI Mini 3 Pro
  • Settings: 1/50s, f1.7, ISO100, 6.7mm
  • RIders: Franziska Gobeli, Gerhard Czerner
  • Location: Soca Valley, Slovenia

The renowned Soca River, which courses through the valley bearing its name, is a popular destination in Slovenia for hikers and river rafting enthusiasts. During our two-day stay in Soca as part of our Slovenian road trip, the weather took an unexpected turn and rain began to pour. The image captured here is the final one before a relentless 24-hour downpour ensued. The once tranquil, blue water transformed into a muddy, raging current in the days that followed, making it impossible to capture any more picturesque scenes featuring the river’s signature clear, blue water.

Martin Bissig

If you love this cover, you can order it for your wall:

What’s Inside Issue 149?

chipps headshot staff


Chipps reminds us to save the widdly bits for later.

Beinn Dorain: Scotland’s Great Pyramid

Ever seen that big pointy lump of a hill on the way to Fort William and wondered how it rides? Pete Scullion goes to find out.

I ❤️ My – All Season Lasagne

Amanda shares with us the kit that gets her through ride after ride, day after day, through all the seasons.

Classic Ride: Britain’s Newest Bridleway

James Vincent takes us on a lap of the newly fully-legal Borrowdale Bash.

Kit Essentials: Roadtrippin’

Benji brings you a kit list for a pilgrimage to the mountains, or just somewhere new and far away.

Big Mountains, Small Details

In the vast Himalayan landscape, a solo trip is the stuff of dreams for Matthius Stitz.

Interview: Rob Warner

Chipps quizzes Rob Warner, on lucky breaks, World Cup racing and how commentating saved him from himself.

Bike Test: Double Yer Money Hardtails

Hardtails are not just for winter, and mountain bikes don’t have to be expensive. Benji looks at what your money can get you from Merida, Trek and Voodoo.

Column: Weight For It

Benji argues that weight does matter (but not much).

Purposeful Adventure: Beaver Hunt

Pete Scullion and Rosie Holdsworth ride over hills and crawl through undergrowth in search of Scotland’s thriving beaver

Last Word

Is Ian ‘@hardtail_only’ Storer trapped in the past or revelling in his eternal youth?

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Amanda Wishart

Art Director

Amanda is our resident pedaller, who loves the climbs as much as the descents. No genre of biking is turned down, though she is happiest when at the top of a mountain with a wild descent ahead of her. If you ever want a chat about concussion recovery, dealing with a Womb of Doom or how best to fuel an endurance XC race, she's the one to email.

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    Full Member

    Love that cover shot.

    Always wanted to kayak the turquoise waters of the Soca, but not got round to it yet.

    Full Member

    The soca is lovely. There have been a few single speed races nearby over recent years. So I have rafted it twice… first time was in the spring and it was cold and awesome. Second time water was low and it was nice but not so thrilling. I also ended up with toad sperm in my beard.

    Full Member

    I also ended up with toad sperm in my beard.

    Well, we’ve all done it … 😳

    Full Member

    Well, we’ve all done it …

    Not in his beard we haven’t 😱

    Full Member

    I’m a member and I cannot download 149??

    Full Member

    Same here, won’t download for me either

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