Mick Ives – A British Cycling Legend 1939 – 2024

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RIP Mick Ives 10 August 1939 – 18th January 2024

Mick Ives was a force of nature, one of a kind, a true cycling legend. They just don’t make them like Mick Ives anymore.

Mick died peacefully in the early hours of yesterday in Coventry Hospice. He leaves behind his wife Sheila and daughter Angela. Mick was admitted to Coventry Hospital and then the hospice, in early October after a series of heart attacks. The doctors became increasingly stunned by Mick’s stamina and determination to survive as long beyond what they predicted as possible. His heart was beating at only 20% its normal rate, but Mick’s 20% is our 100%. He enjoyed defying the odds throughout his illustrious cycling career, right up to his final hours.

Following an early career as a draftsman working with Sir Alex Moulton on his original bike designs, Mick Ives dedicated himself entirely to his passion of cycle racing. He amassed 81 British Championship Titles and 8 World Masters Cycling Titles including becoming the World Cup Time Trial Champion. In 2005, as a 65yr old pensioner, Mick became the only cyclist to complete the Tour de France route in one day less than the race itself. He has been the only British Male athlete to represent GB internationally at Road Racing, Track, Time Trial, Mountain Biking and Cyclo Cross disciplines and to win National Titles in a single season for Road Racing, Time Trial, Mountain Biking and Cyclo Cross. 

There will never be another Mick Ives.

Mick’s cycling career spanned four decades and included managing and racing for British Teams. On the road: Viscont Cycles; Peugeot Cycles; Ever Ready. For Mountain Biking: Ridgeback; Scott UK; Saracen Bikes, plus the 1990 British National Mountain Bike Team at the inaugural UCI World Mountain Bike Championship, Durango, Colorado USA. 

Always popular with the athletes, Mick knew how to blend his experienced training methods with a light-hearted and motivational persona that brought out the best in countless Professional and Amateur cyclists alike.

As Rider/Manager, Team Saracen, 1993

Throughout his whole life Mick loved to help people get into cycling and was a classic Club Cyclist himself. In the late ’90s, alongside running his own bike shop, he formed his MI Racing Team and club. To this day many cyclists have benefitted, and still are benefitting, from Mick’s ties with the cycle trade. Sponsors who have supported the team over many years include brands such as Thule Roof Racks, KinesisUK cycles and a major backing from Jewson builder’s merchant that still sponsors MI Racing now and into the future.

Many tributes to Mick are now appearing on social media and talk of his neverending support and passion of bringing cyclists into and up through the sport. Even from his hospice bed, Mick penned a letter to British Cycling that secured National Championship Titles and Jerseys for the 70+ age category in Mountain Biking and Cyclo Cross. He was pioneering to the end. 

There will only ever be one Mick Ives.

Tributes, Stories and Photographs can be shared on the Facebook group “Celebrating Mick Ives the cycling legend” where details of a Coventry gathering to celebrate Mick’s amazing life will be posted in due course.

Those who wrote to Mick whilst he was in Coventry Hospice included cycling greats and industry leaders such as: Steve Douce; Magnus Backstedt; Sally Reid; Nick Craig; Gary and Glen Coltman; Rick Stanforth; Roy Hunt; Pete Tomkins; Jough Watson; Steve Behr; Geoff Waugh; Alistair McLean; Tim Davies; Steve Joughin; Nick Craig; Julian and Tim Gould; Mick Bennet; Oli and Rachel Beckinsale; Robert Thackeray; Chris Young; Rory Hitchens; Rob Warner and Sean Kelly.

Mick’s family would like to give thanks for the many kind messages of support and to the amazing staff at Coventry Hospice who looked after him in his final months 

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  • Mick Ives – A British Cycling Legend 1939 – 2024
  • johncoventry
    Full Member

    Sad news. I lived 2 doors away from him for many years and he encouraged my boys when they were learning to ride on their balance bikes and would always stop for a chat.

    Full Member

    Sad news indeed. Mick was very much one of the ‘names’ when I was a kid getting into mountain biking back in the late 80s and 90s. A real do-er who will, no doubt, be greatly missed by all those who knew him. RIP

    Free Member

    We were watching the Commonwealth Games Cycling race in Warwick, Mick come past, walking his bike, he said he was knackered, too far for him at his age. Anyway, a couple sat near us were chatting away, I said ‘see that guy with the cycling wear and cap on, hes a multiple world champion’. They didnt believe me at first. Then he came and sat with us, they believed me then, when he said how long he’d been competing. His best mate, and best protege, Steve Knight sadly passed away last September, aged 56, that must have been a real blow to Mick, it affected me, and I was only on saying hello terms with Steve.

    Full Member

    A life well lived. Chapeau. I remember back in the 80’s and early 90’s they were having to invent new age categories just for Mick back then!

    Full Member

    Saw him a lot at events in the 90s.A real character, and was always a target for the juniors to try and catch/keep up with when the vets group raced through,very few could.

    RIP Mr Ives

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