New (Baffling) Rob Warner video: The Way Back

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What is Rob Warner up to now? Watch this video and see if you can figure it out. Is this a pitch to come back and race Masters? A pitch to Discovery to say he still wants to commentate? Perhaps an effort to get into Hollywood acting? Or just some totally random Ayahuasca inspired oddity?

In September 2022 Rob Warner signed off on the Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup. It had been his life for nearly 3 decades.

After a turbulent racing career he transitioned into being the sports commentator.

Raw and unsolicited it was the beginning of a new era of broadcasting. Through his unmatchable knowledge, enthusiasm and love of downhill he became the voice of mountain biking.

Fourteen blissful years followed, the sport growing almost as quickly as Warner’s ego before at the end of 2022 the unthinkable happened.

Robert Warner was no longer ‘The Voice’.

To say he took it badly is an understatement. He no longer knew who he was, or why he even existed. There was only one way through it. To go to rock bottom and start again.

In this candid documentary Canadian film maker Nick Van Berkel has access all areas documenting Rob as he’s never been seen before. From his most vulnerable to the start of him fighting back, this is a film sure to leave a tear in your eye.

Can he find

’The Way Back?’

Thankyou to Giant Bicycles for letting me make this film and to the awesome Nick Van Berkel for bringing an idea to life

For something that makes a little more sense, read Chipps’ (sweary) interview with Rob here:

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  • New (Baffling) Rob Warner video: The Way Back
  • reeksy
    Full Member

    I think he’s had too much Red Bull.

    In the words of Natalie Imbruglia I was torn

    Full Member

    In the words of Natalie Imbruglia I was torn

    That line got a good chuckle out of me!

    Full Member

    Well thats a few minutes I’ll not get back. Like the Scottish Highland Fling, better with the sound off. As a commentator, just brilliant. This however… I’m out.

    Full Member

    Seems to me Rob’s plan is to come back by becoming the commentator on his own life. If he can find an audience. Chapeau! Evidently he already has sponsors.

    Full Member

    I hope Giant didn’t pay too much for that.


    Full Member

    Seems to me he is trying to say he has been on an Ayahuasca trip.

    Full Member

    Coming off the back of last week’s podcast where he explains how tough he’s been finding things since the ESO takeover, I’m relieved he can start to take the mick out of the situation.

    Based on that I really enjoyed it..

    Full Member

    It was bizarre but I do like that he’s self aware enough to take the proverbial out of himself  like that.

    Free Member

    I thought it was quite funny. Like an MTB Alan Partridge.

    “the only man to win a world cup whilst carrying an STI” quality.

    Free Member

    I lolled. Loved the roadgap crash and the shaman guru character. And agree with mtnboarder about the podcast. 

    Full Member

    Maybe watch or listen to The Ride Companion podcast for a bit more context.

    Free Member

    I laughed but I guess Rob is a marmite character.

    Full Member

    That was fab

    Free Member

    After listening to his interview on TRC podcast I wish him all the best.  He’s Ben through a lot past few years

    Full Member

    MTB events (World Enduro excepted) and, especially, DH are alive and well. Giant will probably be doing something similar with Rob as PB did with Cathro. Who doesn’t want an inside look at the DH drama?

    Full Member

    It’s just Rob warner doing his job as a brand ambassador for Giant.

    He’s clearly been to Mexico, produced a video and got us lot posting about it.

    Job done, I’d say.

    Full Member

    I liked the inclusion of

    “How did this guy win a World Cup? Perhaps it rained or something..”


    Full Member

    I agree with the posters above you’ll see the video in a whole different light if you’ve listened the TRC podcast first.

    Full Member

    I’m not usually a Rob fan.

    But that made me giggle.

    Totally Michael taking of himself IMO, and some fun exposure for Giant.

    Full Member

    Having also watched the podcast, this video was a bit more understandable.

    He’s a funny, if slightly on the edge emotionally, guy.

    Fingers crossed something does come for him presenter wise.

    Free Member

    Let’s not forget that he still does have a job with Ted Bill, just not doing the MTB side…..

    we love him in our house – he’s super entertainment, whatever he does – having watched the podcast, we def wish him well from here…..

    Full Member

    whole different light if you’ve listened the TRC podcast first.

    Is there a TLDW? I like Olly Wilkins, but the other bloke and the crappy advert sales BS bores me senseless.

    Full Member

    Is there a TLDW

    Basically, Rob cried a LOT.
    Seems that beneath the roguish behaviour, there’s someone whose been mentally f++ked up all his life, found his true happiness commentating for Freecaster/Red Bull, had his life ripped apart when he couldn’t do it anymore and is now just coming to terms with it.
    I’m not normally one for this type of introspection but I listened to the full hour and a half podcast (whilst walking my dog) and was suitably impressed with his honesty.
    But, yeah, the adverts are annoying but easy to fast forward through…

    Free Member

    like Olly Wilkins

    We saw him a couple of weeks, no.. probably months now, on the main square in Finale. Mates wife clocked him and his mate overhead us…. Told him he looks a lot younger on TV than in real life.

    Full Member

    It’s a story isn’t it a narrative of Rob finding himself post Red Bull?

    The podcast shines an amazing light on him and I think the video as eccentric as it is is him telling his story, masking processing his diagnosis loss etc.

    He’s an interesting and no doubt a tricky character  (he admits as much in the pod) but I really like him and wish him all the best.

    Full Member

    Rob finding himself post Red Bull?

    He’s still fully employed by Red Bull.

    Free Member

    Probably best to watch TRC podcast to fully understand.

    And as others have said, he’s still with Red Bull, and he’ll still do MTB coverage; Urban DH, Hardline, etc just not live World Cup commentary.

    Free Member

    Rob has been a really interesting character over the years. Very much marmite, as has already been noted. I didn’t particularly like him when he was racing & found him rather arrogant. But as a commentator he was second to none – unbridled passion for MTB both DH & XC with knowledge to back his opinions up with. I really really enjoyed listening to him. It’s plain losing that particular commentary gig has hit him hard & I genuinely wish him nothing but the best in his next venture!

    Full Member

    Enjoyed the video and based on the comments above listened to the podcast first. To be honest the video appears to make light of what was a very stressful time for him.

    Ignoring the backstory, I’d have still enjoyed it didn’t have the forced spiritual epic guff nor the “cheapest bike from amazon destroyed” that’s all the rage.

    Free Member

    As above watching listening to the pod first helps

    Part 2 will also fill in a couple of gaps and answer a few questions.

    It’s coming

    Given all the guff that gets posted I’m unsure why the title had tk have baffling in it .clearly didn’t listen to the pod hannah

    Free Member

    I had a week riding with Olly Wilkins in Spain, he was top fun for a week and seemed quite pleased I had no idea who he was or what he did for living. I even made it onto his videos although it was the back of my head in an uplift bus.

    Full Member

    Given all the guff that gets posted I’m unsure why the title had tk have baffling in it

    Agreed, a surprising departure from the usual tone.

    Full Member

    Is there a TLDW? I like Olly Wilkins, but the other bloke and the crappy advert sales BS bores me senseless.

    If you just want Rob, watch it on youtube, so you can see who is in the room, skip through the other stuff.

    Feel bad saying that about someone (Ollie) trying to make a living in MTB but there is too much content about on too many different channels these days.

    If you are a regular TRC listener I’m sure you’ll enjoy the whole thing but if you just want the Rob interview this currently is the only place to get it.

    A bit like having to pay for Disney+ just to watch Andor.

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