Watch trailer for ‘Shires’ – A Very British Bicycle Film

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This looks like it’ll be a good ‘un. A film encompassing everything about riding in the UK: “the riders, locations, landscapes, iconic brands and sh*t* weather of the British Isles, to remind us all how great of a place we get to live and ride year-round.”

The film is premiering in Fort William at Highland Cinema on 5th August. You can book tickets here.

Shires crew: “What better way to finish the day at the UCI Downhill World Champs than with the grand premiere of the UK’s latest bicycle feature film Shires! Rob Warner will be there in the flesh to present the film and afterwards we’ll have product to throw out from our sponsors and a director Q&A.

“Shot around the UK over the past two years and narrated by ‘The Voice of Mountain Biking’ Rob Warner, Shires encompasses a broad range of riders, racers, freeriders, and world champions. Riders include many of the best in the UK, featuring Steve Peat, Bernard Kerr, Mikayla Parton, Joe Barnes, Jake 100, Rob Warner, Jack Carthy, Rob Welch, Sam Hockenhull, Joel Anderson, Harry Schofield, Tom Justice, Jess Stone, Ben Gerrish and many more.

“Created by UK/Canadian film production outfit Pilchard Productions and supported by Hope Technology, Ohlins Suspension, Starling Bikes and Peaty’s Products.”

It’s probably a good idea to follow @shiresfilm on Instagram for updates about more screenings, online release etc.

If that’s whetted your appetite for some longform moving pictures about mountain biking, you really should check out ‘Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story’, which we’ve handily embedded below 👇

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  • Watch trailer for ‘Shires’ – A Very British Bicycle Film
  • Blackflag
    Free Member

    Ohh that does look tasty. Would it be too much to hope for that it actually says where everything is? I always get frustrated when i see great UK riding locations but then cant recognise or it work out.

    Full Member

    Warner reckons there’s no other place he’d rather be , hmmm 🤔

    Full Member

    Well that looks ****ing ace.

    Full Member

    Full Member


    Full Member

    looks nice and polished, but fails to get me as excited as say this:

    as in here:

    the latter reminds me of the enjoyment of biking, the above looks like a very well shot vidoe of people riding bikes in various locations. it lacks something.

    maybe the full vid will be better.

    Free Member

    I struggle with Warner’s narration, 10/10 for enthsiasm, but doesn’t really fit the film for me.

    Full Member

    Great cinema, does nice food as well.

    Film looks lovely, and much as I love Warner, not sure his style of commentary suits it.

    Full Member

    Must say I like the sentiment though. much as this country does my head in sometimes there’s a reason I’m still here and when it’s on form there are still very few places I’d rather be.

    Full Member

    The multiple scenes of riders destroying natural trails by ‘schralping’ and sliding round the bends are probably not doing our case for open land access any favours. Bit tone deaf this,  keep that crap in the bike parks!

    Full Member

    ^ sadly, that was my first thought. Stop riding like that on natural trails.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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