NBD: RockShox Psylo, Sonder Evol, Digit Ring, Öhlins coil conversion…

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New Bikestuff Day is back! Here’s the most interesting stuff in our inbox this week (plus a quick debrief as to all the stuff that was announced last week)

RockShox press release:

Product Announcement | RockShox Psylo, Domain, Rudy


With a nod to the premium Charger 3 damper found in our Signature Series forks, the all-new Isolator damper utilizes a shim-based, spring-backed Internal Floating Piston (IFP) damper to give riders a consistent and predictable feel throughout its entire travel. Isolator’s three-position Compression adjustment (Open, Pedal, and Firm) means that when the Isolator damper is Open, oil flows freely through the damper to absorb big hits (and save your hands), Pedal is supportive without harshness on successive impacts, and Firm offers the maximum damping force to calm bobbing for the most efficient ride.


The Isolator damper’s IFP design keeps air and oil from mixing, resulting in unparalleled responsiveness on impact and enhanced consistency throughout the range of travel. The all-new Rebound Piston manages oil flow on both the compression and rebound stroke, using shim stacks on the underside of the piston to control the oil flow rate in both directions. The Rebound Piston uses a dual-flow rebound circuit that features a responsive easy-flow path for traction in the tech and a hard-flow path that engages when you’re deep in travel for more control. All of this means the front wheel can track through any feature the trail may throw at it while providing predictability and reducing harshness. And… taking another cue from Charger 3, the trick up its sleeve is just how quiet it is.


The updated Debonair air spring offers a buttery-smooth off-the-top feel, tuned to complement the all-new Isolator damper. With a design philosophy based on the Signature Series’ DebonAir+ air springs, we found the perfect blend of positive and negative volumes for a taller ride height and increased mid-stroke support to keep confidence high.


Riders at every level of the sport deserve performance grounded in the foundations that produce podium-dominating forks. Inspired by the technology driving the legendary Pike and Lyrik, Psylo can’t help but level up your experience on the trail. Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking to spice up your E-MTB or a die-hard trail crusher who knows your skill speaks for itself, Psylo is the fork you’ve been waiting for.


You don’t often strike gold twice! The RockShox Psylo Gold is bursting with value that invites riders to rethink what’s possible, whether they’re on lunch loops or all-mountain excursions, mountain bikes or E-MTBs. The all-new 35mm platform delivers premium performance with the new flow-focused Isolator RC three-position damper, tunable DebonAir air spring, and Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube to keeps things running smooth. Psylo combines value and performance to bring capability and reliability to each and every ride.


  • NEW Isolator RC damper featuring three-position compression adjustment (Open, Pedal, and Firm) with externally-adjustable Rebound providing superior traction, control, and confidence for the rider.
  • NEW 35mm aluminum upper tube platform for functional stiffness and enhanced steering precision.
  • NEW Premium bushings offer lower breakaway force and elevate this platform to feel silky smooth in rough terrain.
  • Highly tunable DebonAir air spring sits higher in the travel—making the most of Psylo’s 130-160mm travel—and offers a smooth, consistent, coil-like feel throughout the stroke. It’s highly tunable and Bottomless Token ready.
  • Short fender compatible (RockShox fender included).
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and quiets damper noise.
  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance ride after ride.
  • SRP: £645


It’s time to think Domain. With bigger bikes come bigger demands. Domain took cues from ZEB, our Enduro specialist, to rise to the occasion with new technologies. This heavy hitter is equipped with major performance for any enduro addict or E-MTB die-hard, ready to embrace the climb and enjoy the descent. The new Isolator three-position damper offers a consistent and predictable ride. Pair that with DebonAir spring performance and wrap it all in a burly 38mm chassis, and you get Domain: big performance and big value for those with big plans.


The Domain platform goes bigger than ever with the updated Domain Gold RC. Taking cues from ZEB, our decorated enduro fork, Domain combines value and performance. The new Isolator damper is the highlight of this fork, with a unique three-position solution that maximizes oil flow management across the full compression range. A burly 38mm chassis, top-of-the-line Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube, and our trusted DebonAir air spring round out Domain’s rugged package.


  • NEW Isolator RC damper featuring three-position Compression adjustment (Open, Pedal, and Firm) with externally-adjustable Rebound providing superior traction, control, and confidence for the rider.
  • 38mm chassis for increased stiffness, perfect for mountain bikes and E-MTBs alike.
  • Highly tunable DebonAir air spring sits higher in the travel—making the most of Domain’s 150-180mm travel—and offers a smooth, consistent, coil-like feel throughout the stroke. It’s highly tunable and Bottomless Token ready.
  • Short fender compatible (RockShox fender included).
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and quiets rebound damper noise.
  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance ride after ride.
  • SRP: £620


The new Rudy delivers more control, confidence, and fun to the emerging breed of lycra-loving or baggy-bearing free spirits. Rudy was built from the ground up to match today’s most capable gravel bikes. Stay close to home or venture far away. Rudy has the hunger to ride free and explore.


Gravel riders who want to get wild choose Rudy. It’s efficient for days of triple-digit mileage while delivering control and comfort when things get rough. Rudy rides on the superlight Charger Race Day 2 damper with 2-position Compression adjustment: Open and a rock-solid, sprint-ready Lock. Rudy offers precise steering with its 30mm chassis and compatibility for full or short fenders. Gravel riding keeps evolving—isn’t it time to ride a fork that’s on the cutting edge?


  • NEW Charger Race Day 2 Damper—every detail perfected, every extra ounce shaved away. This is our lightest performance-driven damper ever, featuring 2 Compression positions: Open or a rock-solid Lock.
  • Solo Air spring tuned for short travel.
  • Machined and anodized crown.
  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Lower Leg Lube reduces friction and enhances fork performance ride after ride.
  • “Kwiqsand” Signature colorway.
  • Full fender compatibility using custom stealth stay bosses.
  • 3-bolt mounts to fit a short fender (RockShox fender included).
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and silences damper noise.
  • Fits up to 700×50 tires.
  • 30mm and 40mm travel options.
  • SRP: £900


Sonder press release:

The next generation of Evol

Sonder is excited to announce the launch of the next generation of Evol all-mountain bike. Featuring increased front and rear suspension travel (160mm), improved geometry and mullet set up, Evol sets to reshape Sonder’s all-mountain scene. Designed and built by riders for riders; Sonder retains meticulous control over design and development, ensuring the final product and its components are not only of the highest quality, but also meets rider’s needs and demands.

As Europe’s first B-Corp-certified cycling brand, Sonder boasts some of the industry’s most ethical and environmentally preferable standards. See full details of our sustainability report here.

The next generation of Evol reshapes itself to rediscover the more playful side of riding. Crafted from 6061 alloy, it offers a stiff, sturdy frame built to withstand the most demanding conditions and terrains. Thanks to the durable frame construction Evol is a reliable choice for enduro and all-mountain fun. The bike features updated geometry, SRAM UDH, and new mullet set up for comfortable, responsive and joy-inspiring riding.

An innovative approach and focus on rider comfort and experience is visible throughout the revised geometry. The new Evol provides an improved position, allowing riders to unlock a more lively experience in and out of the saddle; The slacker head angle across sizes creates a more capable bike when descending, and lets riders take more challenging lines and routes whilst having complete confidence. Paired with the efficient pedalling suspension platform, Evol welcomes an easy ride winching it back up for another run.

The updated Evol stands out for its versatility and rider experience; whether you’re taking on your favourite enduro trails, or embarking on a 30 mile loop around the Peak District, this next generation bears witness to improved suspension performance, greater balance and mullet setup to cruise over tree roots and rocky-terrain, and tighter cornering. The suspension set up features 230x60mm rear shock custom tuned by SRAM based on our in-house testing for Evol, and can be tuned to suit a wider range of riders nodding to Sonder’s control over design and laser focus on riding experience. The horst-link suspension gives riders more control over anti-squat throughout travel, and also improves reactivity when braking.

The use of SRAM UDH allows riders to swap out and repair the derailleur hanger with ease. Compatibility with Shimano and SRAM, including the new SRAM T-Type direct mount transmission systems, SRAM UDH removes potential barriers riders may have when it comes to parts and repairability. From clipping rocks, to mid-race mishaps, SRAM UDH makes it easy to get back rolling.

Thanks to Sonder’s build options, bikes can be customisable to the nuances of individual riding styles making Evol an attractive option for those looking for something unique.

With ten shop-in-shops across the UK, Sonder offers a unique experience where every bike and wheel is built to order. Renowned for its exceptional service, custom options, and bespoke bike frames, Sonder stands resilient and poised for continued success throughout 2024. Sonder is committed to supporting the evolution of multi-disciplinary riders.


Digit press release:

Digit Announces New Ring Trail Bike

Digit Bikes has launched its second bike model featuring Analog suspension. Named RING, it is a 29” wheeled trail bike offering 128mm rear suspension with a 140mm fork. Ring is designed and handbuilt in California by Digit engineer, designer, founder, Tim Lane. Each frame and fork is customized for each rider’s color preference with Cerakote ceramic coating.

Digit Ring Details

  • ANALOG integrated rear suspension
  • 128mm rear travel / 140mm fork
  • Wheel size: 29″ front, 29″ rear
  • Aluminum frame
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight: from 26.3 lb / 11.9kg
  • Price: $9,845 USD

Not being beholden to any one component manufacturer, the build kits are a mix of Manitou, Spinergy, Sram, Shimano, Magura, OneUp, BikeYoke, Cane Creek, Race Face, WTB and Wolftooth.

Complete bike weights are 27.8 lbs (size L). Optional upgrades are available such as Berd Wheels, Shimano XTR or SRAM XX SL which can bring the weight down to 26.3 lbs. Though lighter than comparable carbon bikes, it should be noted that Ring is intended to be a stable, sturdy riding, aggressive trail bike, not a waifish noodle.

The Ring is a great all-rounder if you are more likely to occasionally enter an XC race than to occasionally visit a lift-assist bike park (the Datum, which is available, is likely a better match for you if you’re more likely to do hit the bike park than enter an XC race).

Digit’s Analog suspension matches both the better descending and pedaling attributes of the industry’s most respected four-bar suspension systems, while delivering significantly reduced weight, carrying more water bottles, and offering improved reliability.

It does this by replacing the many parts which on other frames comprise the upper link and shock subassembly with a unified strut, named Integer. Hidden inside the frame, it guides the upper suspension pivot smoothly and with incredible lateral stiffness, flows more oil, squeezes more air, and has fewer parts in an easily serviceable, low motion-ratio package.


Öhlins social media post:

Our NEW coil options for your MTB

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Öhlins Racing ~ Mountain Bike (@ohlinsracingmtb)


A quick list of last week’s stuff (so you can comment on it)

Yeti press release:


We said it already knows. And now it knows better. Proven worthy time and again at Rampage, reconfigured to for the bill as zero-hesitation go-to for whatever your pleasure, Un-rack it for all the park laps, pedal it on character-building epics, push it up spooky steep dark sides “nobody” knows about. Whatever the question, unheard your decisions.

  • Fox Factory 38 Grip 2 and Fox Factory DHX2 shock
  • Fox Transfer dropper post
  • MX DT Swiss EX1700 custom wheelset
  • 4 piston brakes
  • ODI Elite Pro grips
  • 220mm front and 200mm rear rotors
  • Maxxis Assegai 2.5 and DHR II 2.4 EXO+ tires
  • SLS Coil Spring on frame only




  • 63.5-degree head tube angle
  • 76.9-degree seat tube angle
  • 165mm rear travel paired with a 170mm fork
  • Sizes: SM-XL
  • Threaded bottom bracket
  • High-clearance downtube
  • Dual-density downtube protection
  • Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH)
  • Secure, fully enclosed internal cable management
  • Compatible with long dropper posts
  • 100% standard sealed Enduro Max bearings
  • Floating collet axle pivot design
  • Compact-wishbone shock extender
  • Boost spacing


Marzocchi press release:

Marzocchi is excited to launch the all-new Super Z

The Super Z was designed to have all the strength and support of a double crown fork with the convenience and versatility of a single crown package. With up to 190mm of travel, riders can conquer everything from the steepest fall line trails to bike park booters that launch you into the stratosphere. When it’s time to touch down, a progressive, supportive air spring and smooth damping let you land with absolute confidence.


The premium GRIP X damper provides unwavering traction at speed, soaking up both small bump chatter and warp speed chunder with finesse. Three-way adjustability makes setup a breeze and when it’s time to pedal up for another lap, Firm Mode keeps the bob to a minimum.


The Super Z signals Marzocchi’s disruption to the long travel, single crown status quo. Not only do you get a class-leading 38mm chassis with world class damping, you get to roll with Marzocchi’s bomber durability, signature style and no-hassle maintenance schedule. Super Z is here to stay, and it’s here to slay.


There’s a new kid in town, and they’re not playing by the old rules. The Super Z answers the call of our Marzocchi athletes looking for a single crown fork that could go big at Red Bull Rampage. With hefty 38mm stanchions, an easily adjustable and extremely capable GRIP X damper, and up to 190mm of travel, there’s nowhere the Super Z won’t go.


  • Burly 38mm stanchions for strength and steering precision
  • Up to 190mm travel
  • Pressure Balanced GRIP X damper with simple adjustments and Firm Mode for efficient climbing
  • Air spring for progressive stroke on the big hits
  • Lower Leg Bleeders equalize pressure for more responsive shredding
  • Reliable, consistent performance on any trail, freeride line, or DH track
  • MSRP: £1,119


Liv Cycles press release:

The NEW Liv Intrigue X

Liv is launching the new, Intrigue X Advanced and Intrigue X series, designed for intermediate to advanced trail riders. The mid-travel trail bike features advanced geometry customization, including a reach adjust headset in addition to flip chip — Maestro 3, for a personalized ride experience.


140mm of Maestro rear suspension and 150mm of front suspension.

Adjustable Frame Geometry:

Flip chip – Maestro 3 and the new flip chip – headset allow you to customize the overall riding geometry and rear wheel size* to suit the trail and your riding preferences.

*Rear wheel size change available for M and L only

Best of Both Wheels:

Frame sizes XS and S: MX configuration – 29-inch wheel up front and 27.5-inch wheel in the rear.

Frame sizes M and L come equipped with 29-inch wheels (front & rear) with the ability to run a 27.5-inch wheel in the rear*. *27.5-inch wheel sold separately for frame sizes M and L

Frame Storage:

The frameset features integrated down tube storage, a sleek solution for additional space to store your tools and snacks (water resistant bag included). Additionally, frame mounts underneath the top tube allow for the attachment of a compact gear bag.


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  • NBD: RockShox Psylo, Sonder Evol, Digit Ring, Öhlins coil conversion…
  • singletrackmatt
    Full Member

    “Unheard your decisions”


    Full Member

    Just what RS needed, more cross over fork models 🤦‍♂️.

    Free Member

    Rockshox Psylo.  Memories of corrosion and crumbling paint.  Nice one SRAM.

    Full Member

    Just what RS needed, more cross over fork models 🤦‍♂️.

    Fewer. The Psylo replaces 35, Revelation and Yari

    Free Member

    The new Sonder Evol.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Sonder make great bikes and loved my old Evol.

    However, I can’t help but think that the ‘next generation‘ is little more than changing the linkage to fit the longest stroke shock that will fit to eek out more travel and make it a mullet to sort out the wheel clearance issue.

    Not necessarily bad decisions but hardly ‘An innovative approach

    Full Member

    Fewer. The Psylo replaces 35, Revelation and Yari

    Maybe I didn’t read the press release correctly but that was not immediately obvious.

    Full Member

    My Psylo 99/00 model came with no oil in the lowers…. It was an ok fork otherwise. The marketing speak in this is press release is making me cringe.

    Full Member

    Those Marzocchi forks are absolute beasts. 190mm with a 29er wheel in’s probably going to make for a very long/high fork though? I like “fit for red bull rampage”, Rockshox get to do a wee shrug there, “yeah we didn’t have to make a fork to do that, the Zeb’s just that good already”- like, what’s the implication there, that the Fox and Zocchi 38s that already exist aren’t that strong?

    Full Member

    My Psylo 99/00 model came with no oil in the lowers….

    A fine Rockshox tradition that they continue to this day.

    The Isolator damper has definite feels of “we’ve gimped this thing’s adjustability to preserve a gap between it and our higher end forks” tbh

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