Fresh Goods Friday 695 – The Enduro Beckoning Edition

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Welcome to Friday! Most people’s favourite day of the week. Apart from Sundays. And also Saturdays. But still, Friday is almost certainly better than Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Apart from Pancake Day Tuesdays. And Bank Holiday Mondays.

Let’s get on with the show. The show in this instance being talking about the bits ‘n’ bobs that have arrived at STW Towers since this time last week. And/or stuff that arrived ages ago that we forgot to put in. Oops.

Shimano RD-U6000 CUES rear derailleur

CUES is Shimano’s consolidation-tactic mid-tier drivetrain stuff. Simplified compatibility and increased durability (Linkglide technology claims to be up to 300% more durable than Hyperglide). This rear mech is Shadow Plus; lowish profile and equipped with a clutch. Large 13 tooth pulleys. Aluminium bracket body with steel outer and inner plates. Works with 10 or 11-speed. Compatible with up-to-50T cassette sprockets.

FGF 695 D’Movie

New hat, same hair

Shimano SL-U6000 CUES shifter

  • Price: £39.99 (with display)
  • From: Freewheel

The thing that tells the other thing what to do. Clamp band claims to play nicely alongside any brake lever. Rapidfire+ mono lever design with two-way release. Big ol’ display window. Supplied with fabulously named ‘Optislick’ steel inner and SP41 outer cabling (by the time you read this these will already have ‘gone missing’, probably into someone’s dropper post).

Shimano FC-U6000 CUES Chainset

This is quite nice actually. And £70 for a Hollowtech II- friendly no-nonsense crankset is good to see. Linkglide again. Two-piece cold-forged chainset with the spindle now attached to the left crank arm, making it simpler to change the chainring. “Dynamic chain engagement” steel chainring. Steel chainring bolts no less. For 52mm chainline.

Shimano CUES CS-LG400 11-50T cassette

  • Price: £94.99
  • From: Freewheel
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13022569

Cassettes just ain’t cheap anymore are they? Linkgllide cassettes are designed to exceptionally durable, “providing enduring shift and pedalling performance for multi-purpose bikes and high-torque e-bikes”. We reckon you could run one on your regualr ATB and be fine also. The teeth on this cassette have a substantially thicker base and a unique chamfer to improve wear resistance in high torque applications. The sporckets have “contoured shift gates, resulting in a crisp smooth 2-way shifting (inward and outward) with reduced pedal shock”. For use with 11-speed chains, Linkglide flavoured or otherwise.

Shimano CN-LG500 Linkglide HG-X chain

  • Price: £29.99
  • From: Freewheel
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13022568

You guessed it, Linkglide for maximum durability. “Developed for better contact with gears and smoother shifting under high load, giving efficient pedalling, increased durability and near silent running“. Comes complete with Quick Link for tool free assembly. Approx weight 257g. 138 links. We’ve got two chains because this CUES stuff is going on a cargo bike.

Shimano MT520 4-Piston Disc Brake

  • Price: £119.99
  • From: Freewheel
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13022563

This is not a CUES product but it’s a brake that’s being promoted as being a good partner for CUES-ed mountain bikes. Fully bled hydraulic 4-piston disc brake. Hose lengths: 1,000mm front, 1,700mm rear. Comes without adapters or rotors. Hinged brake clamp. I-spec-II compatible. This kit comes with resin pads, spare olives and barb.

Elite Nano Fly 0-100 Thermal 4 Hour With Cap

This can keep drinks hot as well as cold. Hot drinks were always a problem with plastic bottles because the heat made the bottle go all wibbly (technical term). This new bottle has a silicone blader/liner. So no more wibble. The biottle is made from Nanogel AKA “the world’s lightest and best performing solid insulating material”. In recognition of the fact that warm drinks typically happen in the wetter and grittier parts of the year, the bottle comes with a removable MTB valve cover Large opening for easier cleaning and refilling. Dishwasher safe. BPA-free.

Elite Struka Microadjust Bottle Cage

And if you have your Thermal bottle full of life-giving hot caffeine, chances are you don’t want to jettison it when you hit the first biut of rough stuff. The Struka’s not-a-BOA adjustment feature allows you to really cinch the grip tight, as well as affording you the ability to carry a wide variety of different shaped liquid holders (64mm to 76mm in diameter). Yes, wine bottles will fit. Fibre-reinforced resin construction and still made in Italy.

Rise coffee beans

A coffee subscription. Each Eco friendly, sustainably sourced and recyclable box contains: your chosen quantity of coffee, key facts on the roasters/beans/farmers,  tasting notes, brewing tips, a free treat from one of our food and drink partners.

Elite Ambo Multi-Entry Bottle Cage

A flip-able cage ie. can be set to left-hand or right-hand usage. The design also allows a wide degree of vertical adjustment, making this of particular interest to those who have mountain bike frames with slightly compromised bottle space/location. Fibre-reinforced resin. And si, made in Italy.


Ok. So this is very Euro and very e-bike. But it’s a thing that some folk will appreciate. The BikeVlip is bicycle repair stand. Simply fold the BikeVlip over and slide it onto the handlebar. The designers state that it protects against damage to the handlebars but we immediately thought its more effective/understandable role was protecting e-bike controls/displays when the bike is upside down being worked on, no?

YT Postman Travel Adjust Kit

Remember that YT Jeffsy Core 4 we have in on test? No? You may have missed it as it appeared during deepest, darkest (drunkest?) Christmas holiday time. Anyway, it’s an XL size (so we could get a nice 495mm reach) and the seat tube is a smidge too high for Benji’s stumpy/ruined/old/stiff-AF legs. So we’ve got a travel reducer kit in so Benji can stop having to overthink and overfiddle, with the dropper post at least anyway. We think the YT Postman is pretty much a rebadged SDG Tellis dropper btw.

RockShox Torque Cap Converter Things

  • Price: N/A
  • From: Canyon, weirdly

If you own a RockShox fork, chances are you are not running a front wheel that has a hub that wholly fits RockShox’s torque cap dropouts. Cue much micro annoyance when (re)installing the front wheel and trying the get the axle in/through etc. Anyway. Long stroy short, we just found these little things in the accessory bag that came with the Canyon Spectral CF 9 we featured a couple of weeks ago. Hallelujah! If you’ve been living in a torque cap induced Hellscape, find yourself some of these babies.

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They’re usually sent back after review, or kept on long-term test bikes. But no one ever asks for shorts and shoes back. Trust us on that. Once we were asked to return some brake pads.

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 695 – The Enduro Beckoning Edition
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    Full Member

    That 11 speed Cues might be the Shimano innovation that tempts me away from SRAM 12 speed. If it works half as well as it claims, for that price? That’s very tempting.

    In the mean time, I’ll wait patiently for someone to make 12 speed compatible chainrings for that chainset.

    Also, I’ve never thought my bottle holder needed a (not) boa…Perhaps I lack imagination?

    Full Member

    Please tell me they do the shifter without the window aswell.

    Free Member

    Shimano MT520 4-Piston Disc Brake – been running these for about 3 years or so now. Other than the odd bleed, they have been faultless. No faff with adjusters, extra bits you dont need, just a solid brake that has seen me through many a tight spot.

    And at times, they are about £50 an axle, so cheap as chips!

    Full Member

    Please tell me they do the shifter without the window

    Ha, was my thoughts too! Let’s hope it comes supplied with a blanking plate

    Full Member

    Some reasonably priced components for once (Cues). They look excellent for the money.

    Bikevlip. Nice idea but I will stick with my blocks of wood.

    Full Member

    Yes, wine bottles will fit.

    Take my money

    Full Member

    So will “standard” 11 spd chain work with CUES and therefore pre CUES chain rings?

    Full Member

    CUES is Shimano’s consolidation-tactic mid-tier drivetrain stuff. Simplified compatibility and increased durability (Linkglide technology claims to be up to 300% more durable than Hyperglide).

    Yes. I buy that.
    Now, when can we see a test?

    Free Member

    Bikevlip. Nice idea but

    …. Twenty
    five Quid?? (ok EUROS!??) £9.99 max for that

    Full Member

    Also, I’ve never thought my bottle holder needed a (not) boa…Perhaps I lack imagination?

    Was thinking the same, then I thought that a universal one which could pretty much grip anything might be hand for stuff like random cans / bottles of drink bought when you can’t fill a bidon etc.

    Full Member

    I’m not impressed they’ve changed the cranks to get rid of the pinch bolts. It seems to work far better than any of the preload collars and doesn’t get stuck as it’s a fairly low torque system.

    Full Member

    it’s also not Hollowtech II. All the rest of the CUES cranks are – but that one certainly isn’t.

    Free Member

    Shimano Cues, I have been using this 11 speed drivetrain on my Yeti 160e, it simply makes sense, more durable, stronger shifting, more precise shifting and less shifting as the range makes a lot more sense over 12 speed for emtb, the Yeti originally came equipped with Shimano SLX but Cues, in my opinion is far better and great value for money.

    Full Member

    Dear Green coffee is really nice. Good to see them getting some exposure.

    Not just because the owner is a friend of a friend.

    Full Member

    I liked the look of those Cues cranks until I looked up the installation documents.
    It needs a flipping crank extractor to remove them, so that’s a hard pass from me.

    Full Member

    @Gribs +1 Shimano’s HT pinch bolt cranks attachments easier to use and more reliable than any other crank I’ve used.

    Full Member

    The durability of the CUES cassette is down to being steel, isn’t it? So won’t be as light but I’d suggest the slight weight increase is far more appealing with the longevity.
    I thought the spacing of the cassette rings were slightly different to HG cassettes and standard shifters/chains wouldn’t work – is that right or have I misread all that?
    Reread the article and the cassette works with plenty, so that is good.

    Full Member

    I believe it’s only the shifter and derailleur having a different pull ratio which means they have to be used together.
    Linkglide and HG 11 speed chains are interchangeable.

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