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  • Baby robins – an alternative history
  • ossify
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    I know I’m really late to the party, but recently I’ve been using AI to help with various tasks (and just to play with).

    Mind-boggled by it, really.

    Anyway, just cos I’m bored and wanted to see what happen I just now tried:

    Why has the like button disappeared on’s forum?

    And got the response:

    The ‘Like’ feature on the Singletrack World Magazine forum seems to have vanished, leaving users puzzled. The issue has been acknowledged, and the tech team is aware of it. Along with this, they are also working on restoring the text editor functionality1. If you encounter any other issues, consider reporting them to for further assistance1. Hopefully, they’ll have it sorted out soon! 🤞


    Next question:

    On the same forum, can you explain the origin of the “baby robin” in-joke?

    Ah, the “baby robin” in-joke! 🐦 Let me share the tale of this feathered legend:

    Once upon a digital dawn, in the mystical realm of the Singletrack World Magazine forum, a curious user stumbled upon a thread titled “Post Your Best Bird Photos.” The thread was aflutter with avian enthusiasts sharing their winged captures—majestic eagles, cheeky sparrows, and even the elusive dodo (okay, maybe not the last one).

    But amidst this feathered frenzy, one photo stood out: a tiny, fluffy ball of feathers perched on a twig. It was none other than a baby robin, its round eyes wide with wonder, its beak agape in a silent chirp. The forum denizens collectively melted, their hearts warmed by this pint-sized avian ambassador.

    And thus, the “baby robin” became a symbol of innocence, hope, and the simple joys of life. Whenever a heated debate erupted, someone would swoop in with a soothing “Remember the baby robin!”—a gentle reminder to find common ground, to appreciate the small wonders, and to avoid pecking each other’s eyes out.

    As the seasons changed, so did the forum dynamics. The baby robin transcended its avian origins, becoming a metaphor for unity, kindness, and the healing power of nature. It fluttered through threads on bike maintenance, Brexit, and biscuit preferences, leaving a trail of goodwill in its wake.

    And that, my friend, is how a tiny bird stole the hearts of an online community, proving that sometimes, the most profound wisdom comes from the unlikeliest of sources—a fledgling with a penchant for perching.

    So next time you encounter a heated forum discussion, pause, take a deep breath, and channel your inner baby robin. 🌿🌸


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    I can’t remember the origin, but I always thought it was something to do with Derek Starship…

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    a fledgling with a penchant for perching.

    Fluffy little swine. Ripping off my act.

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    I don’t know about the origins on the forum but we have had robins nest building in the garden.

    For reference here is a photo of a baby robin which we spotted while out for a stroll round Loch Kinord.

    The little beast was hopping around by our feet and we had to be careful not to stand on it._MG_7517

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    Pint sized, more like half a pint. I love that baby robin ^^^

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    Persuasive, but utterly untrue, thus vindicating all of our fears regarding AI.

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    I remember the original thread. Someone posted a photo they had taken of a fledging bird asking if anyone knew what species it was. Instantly about a dozen people (including me) posted “baby robin”.

    After that it was considered hilariously funny to say baby robin whenever someone asked for something to be identified.

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    Persuasive, but utterly untrue

    A lot of the internet is already like that.  I suspect there are a lot of people out there whose idea of amusement is to come up with a wrong but plausible concept and then get the world to believe it’s true.  Every tik tokker (toker?) in the world is ripe to buy into this and will promote it as lazy ‘in-knowledge’.  Death is too good for them etc.

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    It is persuasive, and reads suspiciously like Barney, sort of this parish, wrote it.

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    The birds aren’t real conspiracy theory springs to mind, it wasn’t even remotely persuasive but a lot of people bought into it for quite a long time.

    More seriously it seems like we’re starting to approach a point where we wont be able to trust a single thing online. If AI voice and video generation continue improving at their current rate I think it’s only going to be a few years before anyone can create videos of famous people doing or saying anything they want that will be indistinguishable from reality.

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    perchypantherFree Member
    a fledgling with a penchant for perching.
    Fluffy little swine. Ripping off my act.

    Exactly the thought that went through my mind!

    That AI explanation is brilliant, and genuinely funny! 🤣

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    it’s only going to be a few years before anyone can create videos of famous people doing or saying anything they want that will be indistinguishable from reality.

    that would be quite cool, I’d watch those. Probably be really good on a big screen. They could call them “watchies” or “movles”

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    I know who coined the phrase and it wasn’t DerekStarship. Not seen the “author” for a while, but on a ride he confessed to dreading any mention of baby robins as he thought that it/they would haunt him forever.

    Anyway Mr X, if you are out there and read this I hope that all is well.

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    Oh come on Harry, spill?

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    Well I thought I’d ask Chat GPT and check how Joe was doing… this is the reply.

    I don’t have access to real-time information, but as of my last update, there were no reports indicating any health issues for Joe Cocker. It’s always a good idea to verify such information through reliable news sources or official statements from the individual or their representatives

    Maybe I will ask on the forum in case anyone has any news.

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