Starling Cycles Mega Murmur

Quick drool: Starling Cycles Mega Murmur

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Our resident steel boinger fan Benji is currently having a bit of lie down after receiving details of the new Starling Cycles Mega Murmur.

Starling Cycles Mega Murmur
Starling Cycles Mega Murmur

Round about this time last year we reviewed the Starling Cycles Twist Trail, a steel full-suspension mixed-wheel trail bike. It’s fair to say we loved it. A lot.

However, Starling Cycles’ most iconic offering is the Murmur. It’s the bike that effectively made Starling Cycles. 135 or 150mm rear travel, skinny Reynolds 853 steel with 29in wheels front and rear.

Don’t worry. The Murmur is still in Starling Cycles’ range. This new Mega Murmur, as you may be able to guess by the name, is the bigger travel version.

Starling Cycles Mega Murmur

The new Mega Murmur

140 or 165mm of rear travel. Paired with up to 170mm travel forks up front. Time for some bullet points because they are helpful with this sort of thing…

  • Longer travel (165mm) version of the Murmur
  • Longer (455mm) chain stays than Murmur
  • For “riders that want more travel OR taller riders looking for a more balanced fit”
  • Reynolds 853 front triangle hand built in Bristol
  • Chromoly rear triangle hand built in UK
  • Seat tube reinforcing strut on XL and XXL
  • Stainless, numbered dropper port
  • New machined main pivot part
  • Aluminium seat tube insert to reduce seized posts
  • Anti-flare head tube
  • Revised Starling headtube gusset (triple clamp forks are allowed)
  • Bottle mount
  • Only available in Large, XL and XXL
  • Also available in ‘Trail Mode’ (140mm rear travel)
  • SRP £2,330 frame minus shock (inc Hope headset and seat clamp)
  • Rear shocks available at time of ordering (Cane Creek, EXT, Öhlins)
  • Current lead time of 16 weeks

Where does Starling Cycles say the Mega Murmur is intended for? “Race tracks, big mountains, bike parks, downhill tracks, the Enduro World Cup, and seasons in the mountains.”

I dare say it’d be really good at mucking about in your local woods too, provided there’s enough steep and/or jumpy stuff in there.

Starling Cycles Mega Murmur geometry

In Enduro mode

Vital stats: 64.1° head angle, 77.2° effective seat angle, 440mm seat tube (Large), 110mm head tube (Large), 485mm reach (Large)

One very welcome – and wise – move is the longer chain stays. This is especially true for those of us around 6ft tall or more. Longer stays not only make things more stable generally, they often make bikes feel like more balanced and centred. There’s less of the whole front-wheel-or-rear-wheel binary bias biking.

Anyways. Yep, nice bike. Interested to have a play on one…

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  • Quick drool: Starling Cycles Mega Murmur
  • nickc
    Full Member

    God, Murmurs really are bloody ace looking, would love to have a go on one.

    Full Member

    Really… i can’t say the looks do anything for me at all.

    Full Member

    I do like the look. No way do I (think I) want a steel, single pivot, no linkage FS bike but it has a style I like the look of

    Full Member

    Not enough cables or hoses passing through bearings for my taste. Externally routed cables would ruin my aero as I potter through the woods.

    Free Member

    I don’t like the look of steel full suspension frame much.  The look a bit ‘noodley’.

    The suspension design and paint job make it look a bit like a turn of the millenium Halfords Apollo.

    Apart from that, it’s lovely!

    Free Member

    Apollo Mega Murmur

    Full Member

    Yeah it does actually look like someone has knocked it up in a shed. Mismatching back end, old cranks* out of the parts bin, manitou swinger rear shock off an old Orange five….

    Reckon if it was all just black or silver it’d look quite nice and stealthy.

    *I know they aren’t old, but they look like they are.

    Full Member

    Don’t like the colour combo or the logos either, the graphics don’t suit the style of frame I think, they’d be perfectly at home on something with more modern looks/chunkier tubes, but this has those gorgeous slim lines. But still, it is a lovely bike and I totally want it, just not in those colours. A single colour, simple graphics, would suit it so much better.

    I wouldn’t have those cranks myself but they do suit the bike I think. Or they would if there was any sort of colour coherence about it, black would have made all the difference. Obviously it’s a frame they’re showing off not the build but the build doesn’t flatter it at all imo. It does look exactly like I built it with bits off my last bike, “here’s those XTR M970 cranks I got for my Soul back in 2010… Here’s that saddle that looks like crap but which is really comfy and they don’t make any more…”

    Which is fine! When I first saw a Ragley Ti it was Brant’s own bike and the buid was his own bits, this feels the same. The “here is a real example” thing can work great. And I think it works pretty well in the brewery photoshoot. It’s just not what I’d use for the Big Launch of a £2300 frame-without-shock. Roll it out with the pornographic best-possible-example pictures, there’s a reason everyone else does that.

    Free Member

    Really… i can’t say the looks do anything for me at all.

    Mine looked incredible… Which was about all it had going for it sadly! Couldn’t get on with it at all, sold it to cheezybeanz from this forum who loved it for a good few years to be fair. I think his history of Orange 5’s probably helped mind, where my previous full sus MTB’s all had quite progressive shock linkages rather than the falling rate on the Murmur.

    Shame really, wanted to love it but just couldn’t get on with it. Glad it went to a loving and deserving home! Have since chatted with more than one former Starling owner who has said the same as me, and ended up back on more mainstream bikes with a more progressive suspension design too…

    Free Member

    Mine also looked amazing and I also sold it!  It was great on fast rough stuff where you could be off the brakes.  On the steeps of the Tweed Valley I found it quite hard work.  That probably says more about me that the bike though.   I had mine set up enduro-y, 160mm fork, coil, heavy tyres, inserts blah blah.  I later changed it to “trail” spec, 140mm up from, lighter tyres, I really felt it was a much nicer bike in this spec. For the riding I do, the Privateer has been much better for me and the Whyte possibly even better-er.

    Full Member

    For such an expensive high end shock, that EXT air kind of locks like a cheap energy drink can

    Free Member

    manitou swinger rear shock off an old Orange five….

    Definitely doesn’t help that the massive external reservoir seems to be painted in vantablack against a black soft focus background.

    I like middleburn cranks on any build.

    I do think they could have pimped it a bit more though, stick some yellow crossmaxes on it, and some garish hope anodizing. After all the people buying it are probably slightly older and nostalgic.

    Free Member

    For such an expensive high end shock, that EXT air kind of locks like a cheap energy drink can

    Haha, I don’t disagree – and their coil shocks are the best-looking dampers in the biz IMO.

    I’ve got a Murmur. It goes really fast in some situations – and the steel comfort thing is very real – but as an overall package it does have limitations.

    I’m also an Orange owner/fan and some of the limitations are the same, but some are quite different. Both also do (different) things that no other bike can quite do IME.

    Free Member

    I had a Murmur in Enduro coil/coil spec….sold to fund an Eeb.  I really enjoyed it, rode well, was quick, and geometry suited me in XL size.  IMO it was much nicer to ride than my carbon Megatower.  I’d buy it back if it didnt end up in the USA!

    Full Member

    +1 on the colour choice and graphics not doing it for me.

    But the general outline of the frame I’m good with.

    Full Member

    I personally think they look amazing.  Never owned a full susser and while I think the price of them is reasonable, I think it’ll be out side of my budget for the foreseeable.  Pity as they look stunning.

    Full Member

    I like middleburn cranks on any build.

    I agree actually, I’m thinking of putting some on my Cascade. Unfortunatley on that build they just seem to add to the parts bin special look.

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