Issue 146: International Adventure: Bring your ‘eh’ game

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Tim Wild heads north for an epic BC trip. Will the stress of the planning pay off? Words Tim Wild Photography Casey Montandon Oh, Canada… I’ve been obsessing over the logistics of this British Columbia trip for weeks. It’s complicated. Ten riders need to converge in Squamish, BC, on the same day – one from Alaska, one from Quebec, three driving up from Moab, four flying into Vancouver from different USA cities and me from the UK. Flight times change at random. People cancel. The whole thing feels like a house of cards that could collapse at any moment. First...

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  • Issue 146: International Adventure: Bring your ‘eh’ game
  • roger_mellie
    Full Member

    Cracking words (and pics)! The kind of write up I like to read from the comfort of my sofa, without having to go through the soggy socks and hike a bike myself 😉  Sounds like the author had an amazing trip. I’d probably want to ride routes a bit less challenging, but the not-roughing-it option sounds great. Pretty good value as well from reading the kit list in the mag QR code.

    More please!

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