Issue 146: House of Cards

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By Tim Wild Every adventure starts somewhere. Tim Wild’s BC trip starts here, with a prologue to the main feature.  I’ve been obsessing over the logistics of this British Columbia...

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  • Issue 146: House of Cards
  • oldfart
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    I’ve been so lucky to fly Tyax twice now , not roughing it camping though . Stayed at Tyax Lodge that place is amazing! I was expecting a log cabin in the woods , it’s a bit more than that ! 2 nd time one of the lodges down on the lake . Both times we got there via the Hurley Pass from Goldbridge , that’s an adventure in its own right . The 2 rides I’ve done up there will live in my memories for ever just out of this world , Alpine Meadows , singing and shouting to let the bears know you’re around . We met a lady on a horse that was carrying almost the contents of a cabin including literally the kitchen sink ! Just out of this world experiences .

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