Quick Deets: Wolf Tooth Waveform Pedal

by 23

The new Wolf Tooth Waveform flats will come in two ‘proportionally scaled’ sizes. Available in four colours: black, orange, blue, and ultraviolet purple.

  • 11 pins on each side
  • 12.5mm thick in middle
  • 14mm thick at edges
  • Small: 105mm x 99mm, 373g
  • Large: 112mm x 106mm, 384g
  • UK SRP: £TBC
  • More info: saddleback.co.uk

Press Release:

Wolf Tooth Press Release Waveform Pedal

Wolf Tooth’s insatiable drive to develop cutting edge bicycle components that adds technical innovation and value led to the development of the incredible new Waveform Aluminium Pedals.

These dual-concave profile pedals, paired with 11 grip pins on each side locks in your foot, while a large tapered leading edge deflects pedal strikes.

Waveform Aluminium Pedals are designed to cradle and lock in your feet while providing a supportive platform for power transfer. A dual-concave profile is at the literal centre of Waveform Aluminium Pedals. The centre of the pedals is 12.5mm thick while the perimeter is 14mm thick. This creates a concave profile front to back and side to side. Each side of the pedals has 11stainless steel rear-loading grip pins to further keep your feet in place, even in wet and muddy conditions. The shape of Waveform Aluminium Pedals is designed to match the silhouette of a shoe. Each size is proportionally scaled to match that shape. Size small is 105mm x 99mm at 373g per pair and size large is 112mm x 106mm at 384g per pair. The two sizes are available for riders who select pedals based on foot size and for those who prefer to have larger or smaller pedals regardless of foot size.

A key feature of quality pedals is consistent, reliable performance. This means smooth, free spinning without binding or resistance. To achieve that, Waveform Aluminium Pedals have a stainless-steel axle, three bearings, and an igus bushing. They are sealed on both ends to protect the internal components from contaminants on the trail. All-mountain riding also means riding in all conditions. Expect consistent, reliable performance while riding in rain, mud, sand, dirt, and snow.

Wolf Tooth believes in the Right to Repair. All individual components of Waveform Aluminium Pedals are available as replacement parts, including the pedal body, stainless steel axle, bearings, and more. An additional six grip pins are included in the package with the pedals. An owner’s manual and video guide are provided on the Waveform Aluminium Pedals webpage for customers to disassemble, service, and reassemble the pedals at home. These new pedals also have a five-year warranty that covers defects in material or workmanship from the date of purchase. Pedals can also be sent to Wolf Tooth for service.

Waveform Aluminium pedals are designed, machined, assembled, and shipped from Wolf Tooth in Minnesota. Each 6061-T6 aluminium pedal body is machined one at a time in our CNC mills. These are the same mills that create our chainrings, multi-tools, and more. The 17-4 PH stainless steel axles come from our lathes which also make Wolf Tooth headsets, seatpost clamps, and axles. The Wolf Tooth assembly team compiles all the parts and assembles each pedal by hand. The entire manufacturing process has multiple quality- control checks along the way to ensure that each pedal meets our high, precise standards.

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  • Quick Deets: Wolf Tooth Waveform Pedal
  • Rubber_Buccaneer
    Full Member

    £195 would sting more than a pedal strike to the shin! Look nice but that is Tom Howard money 😀

    Full Member

    Ahem, £230.00

    Full Member

    Yeah, 245 yoyos … ouch. At least at that price the shipping is free on the website!! #graspingatstraws.

    I don’t really see the unique selling point vs pedals half the price – size/shape/weight etc all not wildly amazing …

    Full Member

    I took the £195 from Saddleback’s website, didn’t imagine for a moment they’d be cheaper than direct from Wolf Tooth.

    Wolf Tooth Waveform Pedals

    Full Member

    lovely looking – but at that price – nah

    Full Member

    They do look really good to be fair, but they cost 11 times as much as my last pedals, which are also really good. It’s hard to see where all that extra money’s going- stainless steel parts, sure but is that really adding value? Other’n that they’re just another cnc’d alu pedal

    Full Member

    At least Pinnd butter you up with their spiel about being bombproof, these seem a bit normal

    Full Member

    Got excited by the fairly large size, mud clearance and all the spikey pins, but the price? No, just no. Just can’t see how it is justified. I’d be expecting something a bit more special (cerakote?) or unique. Think I’ll stick with my modded V11s for now……

    [edit] maybe it is “justified” by the made in USA, top end bearings, etc. but it is surely out of most people’s price range when decent pedals can be had for < £50?

    Full Member

    They’re exceptionally pretty… lovely looking things. But double the price of Hopes or 7X the price of a set of Neutrons… come on… wow….

    Free Member

    they are lovely, the blue is ideal for my bike, wow that price.
    i object to paying above £75 for dmr vaults. and those look trashed after a years usage

    Full Member

    I think they think ‘value’ means something different than I do.  pwetty though

    Full Member

    I have been trying to convince myself that buying Hope flat pedals isn’t stupidly extravagant. The price of these Wolftooth pedals has made me realise that the Hope pedals are a bargain!
    Now, where’s my wallet?

    Free Member

    No wonder they feel the need to use so many words to sell a pair of pedals

    Full Member

    Full Member
    I have been trying to convince myself that buying Hope flat pedals isn’t stupidly extravagant.

    If it helps, I’ve got Hopes and they are the most underwhelming extravagant purchase I think I’ve ever made. Would recommend spending the money elsewhere

    Full Member

    I don’t know why but flat pedals are the biggest rip-off in mtb’ing.

    Hope Union GC clip pedal – SRP£160 – CNC’d body, custom made for Hope double sided clipless mechanism, two pairs of cleats and a choice of pins or foot plates

    Hope F20 flat pedal – SRP£140 – CNC’d body, one set of pins.

    If the Union GC is £160 the F20 should be max £100

    Full Member

    Yeah, it’s a right bugger when I’m looking to move back over to flats. Pretty and exquisitely made in the USA made these might be but feature wise can’t see anything to make them worth the cash over cheaper alternatives. The Chromag Daggas are tempting me though despite the mental price. Got a pair of Ride Concepts for £70 so that sort of justifies it, right….?

    Full Member

    Nukeproof Neutron plastic with metal pins is all you need £22! https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/nukeproof-neutron-evo-flat-pedals/rp-prod122950

    £230 is **** rediculous.

    Full Member

    Blimey. And I thought my Pembree pedals were pricey!

    Full Member

    The Hope pedals aren’t especially good, is the other thing. Especially for the folks who got them before they changed the pin, when they didn’t have much grip but even today they’re still… decent. But decent, for the sort of money that should get you amazing.

    Free Member

    Stupid name, stupid font ridiculous price, maybe if we have a repeat of the 2007 gbp rate when the pound was worth 2 dollars. Even if the axles were titanium I’d struggle justifying that price to myself.

    Full Member

    Wolf tooth make some good products – that goes without question. But sometimes their pricing just leaves me baffled.

    I got the pack pliers as a gift, and I have no idea how £38 for them can ever be justified. I picked up the light action remote for about £55 and it’s good quality so seemed priced right (then). It’s gone up quite a bit now. I get premium products, they are nice to look at and use, but I really don’t see what those pedals have against other premium options which are 25% less.

    Free Member

    Wolftooth prices range from expensive, but…. to WTF.

    Full Member

    Look nice but that is Tom Howard money

    My last set of made in America pedals was less than that, but they’ve gone up since then and the pound has taken a kicking.

    Have some that were a similar price, but they’re a fair bit lighter. Ahm oot.

    (Was in brief discussions about getting some Ti ones machined, but even just material costs would have been astronomical, for very little/no benefit.)

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