Wolftooth Resolve dropper claims it will never squish

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New Resolve dropper design does away with the usual IFP arrangement, that can end up leaking air into the oil chamber, and promises to never get squishy.

Wolf Tooth Press Release:

Resolve Dropper Post

When Wolf Tooth approaches a new product, it looks to value added: what can Wolf Tooth add that really sets this new product apart from the competition? With the new Resolve Dropper Post, Wolf Tooth have taken a seemingly oversaturated staple of mountain bike tech, thrown out the previously accepted norms and compromises and developed a dropper that adds far more than just a bit of drop.

The patented Resolve Technology fully bleeds the system when used, making sure your dropper never develops that irksome squish or sag. Whereas most of the competition relies on internal floating pistons (IFP) which are prone to failure, often prematurely, and with costly repair bills, the Resolve Dropper Post does away with that faff in place of their patented cartridge, where the proprietary needle and piston keep the cylinder free of air. This Resolve cartridge doesn’t have an oil/air barrier making sure you don’t get the same IFP issues.

This new post has the shortest stack height on the market, with a streamlined 32mm stack. Couple this with the ability to tune your travel length from their respective 200mm, 160mm and 125mm lengths in 5mm increments and the incredibly short minimum insertion hight, makes this 440g dropper ideal for fine tuning your fit for the perfect ride experience.

Wolf Tooth firmly believes in the right to repair, which is why all the individual component parts that make up the Resolve post are all available as spare parts and there are maintenance and rebuild videos already available so you can maintain your Resolve Dropper Post in the comfort of your own bike cave.

The Resolve Dropper Post is available now from your local Wolf Tooth dealer.


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  • Wolftooth Resolve dropper claims it will never squish
  • jastheblade
    Full Member

    Link does not work

    Full Member

    Once the link is working I bet 20p it shows this dropper is considerably more pricey than a OneUp/BrandX/PNW post with the only benefit being that it self corrects a fault it shouldn’t have. I could be wrong of course 😀

    Full Member

    Ha, reckon I win 20p

    Resolve Dropper Post

    **** me, add a lever and it’s in Reverb AXS territory! (Yes I am comparing RRP to discounted Reverb for added effect)

    Free Member

    Curious to know if it’s significantly different to the BikeYoke Revive or Devine

    Full Member

    How much 😬 ?

    Full Member

    bet that needs more regular servicing!

    Free Member

    Does anyone need more than what a Brand X offers? Been running mine for 5 years so far and all good.

    Full Member

    I had a Funn updown dropper that claimed to not squash and tbf it didn’t for the 2 years I had it. It was priced really well.

    Free Member

    I will give one of these a go. Gains me a little bit of drop over the Revive I currently have.

    Full Member

    Nicey but pricey!!!
    Will stick with my OneUp and Brand-X for the moment I think….

    Full Member

    The low stack and high tweakability of drop is good too. Looks light compared to the competition? And also feels well supported, things like making the outer available so you can swap 31.6 to 30.9 (which, frinstance, Oneup don’t currently offer)

    Free Member

    If it turned up in shops for half the RRP like a reverb (unlikely) then maybe, I like the idea of things you can strip apart and service yourself to keep them running sweet rather than dragging out service intervals to avoid paying someone else £100+ to do it.

    And the low stack is nice
    And the adjustable travel is nice
    And the low weight is nice

    But that’s 4x Brand-X’s! I can live with the ~100g weigh penalty and slightly less travel for that.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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