Mountain Bike Wall Art – Our latest cover print now available!

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We’ve got another 148 pages of adventures, reviews, interviews and incredible imagery off to the printers. Issue 143 is available to subscribe to now, but if you can’t wait for the dusty warmth of this cover shot, order a print from the link below.

Photographer Tony Hutcheson won our readers over with his Kiwi Beervet story back in issue 136. All new and existing subscribers have access to the full back catalogue of magazines, so if you’re new here, go check it out.

  • Cover Photographer: Tony Hutcheson
  • Rider: Wiremu Piercey
  • Location: Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand

“Mu and I catch up for an after work skid once or twice a week. We were chasing the evening autumn light on our local trails in the Port Hills of Christchurch, NZ. I’d taken a few shots with the sun to my back to capture the mad shadows created by the trees and trail. I turned around and noticed the light through the Monty Python shrubbery in the foreground and thought “ha, that looks nice”. Mu doesn’t need much encouragement to have another go so I took one last shot before heading home. In my head it was a throw away but once I opened the images it became my favourite from the day.”

Singletrack World Issue 143 Art Print: Click here for shop product

143 cover art print

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Whether you’re searching for a gift for a mountain biking friend, looking to brighten up your home office, or simply love collecting Singletrack World merch, we have plenty of options for you.

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Amanda Wishart

Art Director

Amanda is our resident pedaller, who loves the climbs as much as the descents. No genre of biking is turned down, though she is happiest when at the top of a mountain with a wild descent ahead of her. If you ever want a chat about concussion recovery, dealing with a Womb of Doom or how best to fuel an endurance XC race, she's the one to email.

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