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Elements of the past and the future combining to make our 20th birthday covers. I say covers, as in more than one, as we flipped the artwork over and gave the magazine two covers, one each end, and then printed half the mag upside down.

On one cover we have our retro rider, kitted up in all the gear and surrounded by the influences and events of the past. On the other, we have today’s rider, with a background showing some of the latest technology and innovation. Take a moment and spot the items you’ve owned, the gear you’re riding now, the components you wish you had, and the things you’re glad you missed out on.


  • A3 or A4, so it’s really easy to find a frame.
  • Supplied as a pair, you get both covers. That’s two A3, or two A4 prints.
  • Lovely material, part recycled “Perlino Cotton”. It’s heavy paper, but has a neat cotton texture.
  • Nice weight at 300-350 gsm

How the artwork was created is also a glimpse into the future. If we had tried making a cover digitally back in 2001, we would probably have used an etch-a-sketch. Check out the video below.

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