Kona: Exploring Creativity by Bike

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Kona seems to have got a bit of a theme going on with its videos at the moment, exploring the relationship between art and mountain biking. The latest release is ‘Blurred Lines’ with Tito Tomasi, but here’s a round up of some of the other recent releases.

Tito Tomasi is a mountain biker and an artist. When we were discussing what makes riding a bike so special it became clear that the line is critical in both drawing and riding. Artistic athletes always look at the trail from a unique perspective. They see lines differently and riding them turns into its own artform. Tito shows us his interpretation of riding lines on his Hei Hei CR while riding from summit to sea in Vence, France.

Yes please.
Moon landings?
Please, won’t someone sponsor Tito’s knees and wrap them in pads? So many rocks, so much flesh.

Next up, we go behind the scenes at a photo shoot. There is lots of stoke, and not much rain, and everyone is shredding. Just like every Singletrack World photoshoot at Lee Quarry, then? For more insight into what it takes to get that picture, check out Pete Scullion’s feature in Singletrack World Issue 141.

Kona Ambassador Pierre-Luc Arseneau takes us behind the scenes of what it’s like to do a photoshoot for mountain bikes and gravel bikes in a gorgeous Squamish location. Featuring the photography of Josh McGarel, drone by Robin Munshaw, animation by Henry Cruickshank, and the riding of fellow ambassadors Jo Peters, Isabella Roelveld, Nigel Ching, and Trish Bromley.

And for the last one…we think this is art. Maybe it’s philosophy. Maybe everything is connected and it’s both. Oh. I don’t know. Are my arms really short? Is this cup really heavy? Are those clouds really cool? Do we have any snacks? Is it OK if I just sleep here…

The latest installment of the My Kona series features SmoothJazzLines. That’s right. All one word. AllOneWord. What is SJL? It’s a coaching system where there is no best or better. So if there’s no better or best what’s the point of coaching? Excellent question. It’s a state of mind. It’s a place where movement is color and the forest is your guide. It’s art mixed with friendship and a place where kindness and nature rule all. You are already a part of SmoothJazzLines. It’s in all of us.

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