Norwich and Coventry get mountain adventures this weekend!

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The Kendal Mountain Tour brings its nights of film and adventure talk to Coventry and Norwich this weekend. Get your hit of the mountains here!

Inspirational ultra-runner and diversity activist to speak in Coventry

An inspirational long-distance runner is visiting Coventry to talk about her journey and campaigning mission.

Sabrina Pace-Humphreys has competed in some of the toughest ultra races, including the infamous Marathon Des Sables across the Sahara desert, becoming the 13th British woman to cross the finish line.

The extraordinary 42-year-old, a mother and grandmother who started running after the birth of her fourth child to lose weight and manage her mental health, is speaking as part of the Kendal Mountain Festival UK Tour. Having travelled the world for the love of her sport, she wanted others to discover the benefits. Shocked by the murder of black runner Ahmaud Arbery in the USA, and inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Pace-Humphreys co-founded Black Trail Runners, a community for black people who want to experience trail running.

“The outdoors is a place of healing, a place to be at one with nature” says Pace-Humphreys. “But visible and invisible barriers exist for people of colour. It is so important that these walls are broken down, and access to the outdoors opened to more diverse communities. Representation in these spaces is crucial.”

Pace-Humphreys will be speaking at The Albany Theatres on 20 May. Tickets are available via the Tour website or by calling The Albany Theatre box office on: 024 7699 8964

Daring adventure filmmaker to speak in Norwich

Thousand-foot vertical drops? Tarantulas and snakes? Hidden crevasses? It’s all in a day’s work for Matt Pycroft, adventure filmmaker and photographer.

Pycroft, who specialises in working in remote and hostile environments, is visiting Norwich to talk about his exploits in some of the world’s most challenging locations. Speaking as part of the Kendal Mountain Festival UK Tour, he will share the joys and occasional moments of terror that make up an adventure cameraman’s life.

The Sheffield-based filmmaker has travelled to some of the world’s most remote and inhospitable locations to cover expeditions, often accompanying well-known climber Leo Houlding. From Mount Asgard on Baffin Island in the Arctic, to Mount Roraima in the depths of the Amazon jungle, each expedition has thrown up its own challenges not only to capture top-quality film footage, but also to stay safe and survive. “Things don’t always go according to plan”, as Pycroft wryly says.

Pycroft will be speaking at UEA Lt1 on Saturday 21st May. Tickets are available via or by emailing the UEA Lt1 at

Can’t make these? Here’s the rest of the Tour:

  • Whitehaven: Sunday 22nd May
  • Whitley Bay: Friday 3rd June
  • Nottingham: Wednesday 15th June
  • Exeter: Thursday 16th June
  • Llanelli: Friday 17th June
  • Canterbury: Wednesday 22nd June
  • Brighton: Thursday 23rd June
  • Kings Lynn: 24th June
  • Kendal: Wednesday 29th June

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