Sunday Sofa Slouch: Bikes are Great Edition

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Merry bank holiday for those of you in the UK, for those who are not, apologies, Monday is business as usual. However, this is a great place to be, enjoy your Sunday, watch some bike videos, what’s not to like? It’s been a pretty good weekend in the bike world, and there’s still more to come. Don’t forget to tune into the downhill world champs! In the UK you can watch the Red Bull stream here. This week’s Sunday Sofa Slouch is full of some great stuff.

Essentially this is a great way to start the day, watch some bike videos, then watch some bike racing. If you have time to squeeze in an actual ride, you’re on to a winner. Here’s a mix of things from across the last few days. So sit back, slouch, stand up. Assume whatever position is comfortable and enjoy a Sunday Sofa Slouch!

Caroline Buchanan Lands an Incredible Front Flip

An amazing achievement for Caroline. Pretty tight in terms of the space she had to do it, so that’s even more impressive.

Front Flip! A mountain bike world-first… I’ve had some successes in my career, but to personally do a trick for yourself is really rewarding. The conditions here at the Audi Nines to do a world’s first is the prime environment. You’ve got the guys who are really supportive, that culture, the environment, the hype, the support, the emotions, the cameras… This is just the global stage to land a trick like that!!

Caroline Buchanan

Women Elite XCC Highlights | 2021 UCI MTB World Championships

Watch the highlights from the first-ever Women’s XC Short Track Final at a UCI MTB World Championships! The 2021 UCI MTB World Championships took place in Val di Sole, Italy as riders race for the coveted rainbow jersey.


Wyn TV | DH World Champs – Val di Sole Qualifier

There’s really not much that tops Wyn TV when it comes to downhill (and the odd EWS). He gets right in there, chats to everyone and finds out what’s what. Though I imagine I don’t need to preach to the choir here. There was no track walk video this time around, but this makes up for it. There are some really good interviews in this one.

It’s Wyn TV from World Champs in Val di Sole! Wyn Masters is on the scene after quali’s to see who’s ready to clean up on Sunday.

GT Bicycles

Men Elite XCC Highlights | 2021 UCI MTB World Championships

Watch the highlights from the first-ever Men’s XC Short Track Final at a UCI MTB World Championships!


Why Downhill World Champs are Different | UCI MTB World Championships Val Di Sole 2021

Red Bull bike take a look at what makes world champs different. This may answer some of the burning questions you may have. Eliot Jackson goes through the event, talks to riders and talks about the pressure. The riders are here to win those rainbow stripes. One run and that’s their lot. It’s pretty sweet to see the custom bikes and kit too.

What exactly is World Champs and why is it so different? DH expert Eliott Jackson is here to let you know why the UCI MTB Downhill World Championship is so special.

This year, the world’s elite downhill racers will step away from the World Cup circuit for one race to discover who the true champion of DH mountain biking is. Riders have one run to secure the coveted rainbow jersey and forever be known as a Downhill World Champ!

Red Bull Bike

Audi Nines 2021 – First Sessions and GoPro Course Preview!

Check out the course preview from Audi Nines with Sam Reynolds. The first sessions have gone down and everyone was looking pretty good. The event wrapped up on Saturday, but you should be able to rewatch it on their site.

The first sessions are going off here at the Audi Nines! All the best slopestyle and freeride mountain bikers have arrived and are getting straight to work on the dream quarry! We start the sessions and film the course preview for gopro.

Sam Reynolds

Sunday Sofa Slouch: The Bike Adventure Edition

How to Watch the 2021 MTB World Championships

The Reality of Racing with Katy Winton

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