The Reality of Racing with Katy Winton

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This video series from Katy Winton is super refreshing. She talks about the realities of sponsorship, racing and training. We get to see a very real perspective of the struggles behind the scenes. It’s great to see things turn around for Katy after her struggles at the end of last year.

In this video we see her reunited with her partner after seven months apart as well as the van build to travel and live in whilst racing. From downhill racing to the EWS, a lot goes into a season for racers. Get settled in for this one, it’s 15 minutes but a really good watch.

The saga continues… This time on a much more positive note! This episode is everything that happened on the build up to the first Enduro World Series of the year – from being reunited with my boyfriend Joe after 7months apart, to van conversions and DH racing it was all on! Thank you to all the likers, subscribers and those who have left comments and shared these videos – I really really appreciate your support. You’re all part of this journey and it’s great to have you all along for the ride! Cheers. Special thanks to James Lumley-Parkin for the racing shots and the photos by the wonderful Anna Buick.

Katy Winton

The Ups and Downs

As one of the top women on the EWS circuit, she’s been through some tough times. After struggling with a concussion back in 2018 and 2019, then having difficulty with sponsorship deals at the end of 2020 when she finished with Trek. Despite everything she’s never given up, she’s super determined and passionate about what she does.

In April 2021 she announced her new deal. The team option fell through, so she had to create her own program. She gave a lot of thought to what she wanted and decided to go down her own path. Although it’s a lot of work, she had her own mission in mind.

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  • The Reality of Racing with Katy Winton
  • Premier Icon adrian adams
    Full Member

    Really liking this series from Katy, seems more true to life than a lot of the stuff you see from other racers/you-tubers. Briefly spoke to her at the ‘local’ enduro and she seems really down to earth, she was there with quite a few others and just seemed to be loving the whole thing of riding with her mates, having a laugh etc. Wish her the best of luck this year as the past few ain’t been great but she seems to take it all in her stride

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
    Full Member

    I too am really enjoying it – real life and challenges, not an insta-edit.

    Premier Icon mulacs
    Full Member

    Excellent. What a trooper, and still smiling. I wish I had half her grit/determination/skill/courage.

    Premier Icon adrian adams
    Full Member

    Next video is out now

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