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Sunday Sofa Slouch: The Bike Adventure Edition

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Sunday, a time to (hopefully) unwind. Sunday Sofa Slouch is a good way to do so. That is if you’re not trying to squeeze in the DIY, shopping, cleaning or any other task you’ve not had time for during the week. Time is pretty precious, especially time to do exactly what you want. There’s not much that beats an adventure by bike is there? Whether that’s a quick blast in at your local spot or jumping in the car to travel further afield.

If you haven’t taken some time for yourself this weekend, do it now. Have a slouch on the sofa and watch some riding videos. Then maybe treat yourself to a beverage and maybe even a nap. Or better yet, head out for a ride and then do the above. What a way to spend a Sunday.

MTB Staycation with Ben ‘OiOi’ Deakin (Part One)

Olly Wilkins and Ben Deakin are on a ‘staycation’ around some great riding spots in the South of the UK. Definitely seems like a good way to spend some time.

Myself and my teammate (The Deakinator) headed to the South of the UK for a whistlestop MTB tour calling in at some of the Uks best riding. Make sure you tune in to Deaks’ channel for part two! We took along our fleet of Focus bikes for the adventure. Deaks chose the Jam squared as his EMTB and the Sam as his MTB. I chose the Sam squared as my EMTB and the Jam as my MTB. I hope you enjoy the trip as much as we did. For more information about this trip including exact GPS locations and coordinates please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the comments below. A member of our team will try to get back to you within 5 working days (not including bank holidays).

Olly Wilkins

Funniest thing I’ve ever seen…

Sometimes playing about in the woods is as good as adventure gets. Kirt Voreis and Cam McCaul look like they are having a damn good time.

Kirt Voreis has had an obsession with recumbent bikes for quite some time. As the world’s leading recumbent bike limit-pusher it was only natural that he would eventually feel the desire to scratch the itch of getting this thing upside down. He was successful. It got upside down. It also happened to stay upside down. The ramp went upside down too. What an over-achiever. You saw the 14 second clip on instagram.. 600k views on Pinkbike and another 119k on Kirt’s insta. And now savor this legendary moment in a new, never-before-seen, made-for-YouTube enhanced edition.

Cam McCaul


This makes me feel a little better about missing out on Morzine for another year. They’ve had some rain over there! But looks like Bernard Kerr and co are making the most of it.

We dust off the hardline dust ad head back to Morzine for one of the wettest summers the Alps and most of Europe has seen in a long time! We get amongst it and bang some Pleney main line wet laps! Its a good time and good practice if we have another race like Les Gets!

Bernard Kerr

Building a Crazy Freeride Course in a Quarry: Audi Nines 2021

Sam Reynolds has been working his magic on this year’s Audi Nines course. Seeing what goes into making events happen and courses being built is an eye-opener. There’s some really good footage that gives a good overview of the freeride course.

Welcome back to the Audi Nines mtb Quarry! The build continues and we keep diggin the craziest slopestyle and freeride adventure playground ever seen! We work on the new Jam and slope line with the metal sky drop in towers to give you all the speed for the rest of the line, and we shape the massive new take off lip for the huge jumps on the freeride line.

Sam Reynolds

Casey Brown following Landon McGauley to 3RD Place in the First ever aMTB DH RACE at Panorama

These guys are hauling! Casey follows Landon down the technical track at Panorama bike park.

Casey Brown the 2021 National Champ followed Landon McGauley down his amazing race run at the Canada Cup in Panorama Mountain Resort. This landed him a 3RD place!! He crushed his way down the hill riding one of the most challenging and technical courses in the Dunbar Summer Series. A wild run. For the FIRST time ever the Canada Cup included the Adaptive Mountain Bike category and we can’t thank all the people that made these events such a success enough.


So Scared of Riding this Epic Alpine Trail but it Was Worth it!

I think I’d give this a solid nope. If Remy was scared I don’t think there’s much chance I’d give it a go. The views though, wow!

What if I tell you I almost did not ride this trail.

Rémy Métailler

Sunday Sofa Slouch: Les Gets World Cup Edition

Midweek Movies: Leogang, Naked Bike Riding and the Trans Taiga

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