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WildBike MTB premier partner

WildBike is all about rocks and summits and flow and wildness. And cake. Amid the most stunning scenery in the UK and further afield. WildBike was established in 2011 and has been adding to its repertoire ever since, now claiming more destinations in the UK than any other MTB specialist guiding company. Their company mantra reads “The Spirit of Singletrack Adventure”. Enough said.

We asked the crew at WildBike a few questions….

ST: So what’s going on with WildBike right now?

  • Our 2020 dates are now released and ready to book – all your favourite UK long weekends as well as our overseas epics! Take a look at our 2020 schedule to see what’s on when!
  • Our U.S. MTB trips will prove popular again so if you want some early Springtime desert action in Sedona and South West Utah, or your fix of a Moab and Crested Butte Summer, we recommend GETTING ON IT QUICK!!
  • We’re running our 2 types of Torridon MTB trip again in 2020 – the 6 day tougher and the 6 day toughest!! Both sublime riding in the best location on the planet, in our humble opinion.
  • Our Alps Enduro Safari is back for 2020. Why? Cos it’s just completely and utterly awesome! We reckon you won’t get a better selection of Alpine trails on any other trip.
  • Gift Vouchers!! Christmas is (always) coming! Go to our Book Online  page and click the voucher tab. Valid for any 3 day mountain biking trip.

ST: What do you think separates WildBike MTB holidays from the crowd?

The best riding, the best accommodation and the best food in the business, in our humble opinion. Everything is sorted for you.

Giving our guests the best ride possible is our first principle. Our rides are definitely not prescriptive, so you won’t see precise, measured itineraries. Instead our guides use their mountain expertise to judge rider experience and ability, the weather, trail conditions, river levels, wind direction, pub opening hours etc. to lead the group on the best possible ride every day of the trip!

We choose special accommodation with character, always right in the middle of the mountain biking action, and it’s always ‘just us’. We include all breakfasts and a cracking, social barbecue. And on many of our MTB trips, superb evening meals too, and drinks. This makes a WildBike holiday great value when you add everything up.

We have a page on our website called Our Ethos. Take a look at that and it will give you a few other reasons why you might want to choose to ride with WildBike.

ST: Who comes on your holidays?

Blimey, that’s a tricky one!

Very typically folk who have a great bike, ride it a lot at trail centres and have ambitions to get out into wild, mountain singletrack. Or riders who want to explore a new riding area. Or groups who want a great MTB get-together without the tricky task of nominating a head chef or head guide (who as we know will be viciously ridiculed when he/she makes a slight navigational error). Or singles and pairs who want to put a bit more social into their riding. Many of our customers come back year after year, some come on 2 or 3 trips in a year and many form new riding groups through meeting on a WildBike MTB holiday. And many of our guests are great riders who have heard our reputation for running some real ‘out there’ kinda trips.

ST: Who are you at WildBike?

We are pretty much a family business. At the hub is the Clay family from Devon. I’m Rob, founder and director and chief planner, my wife Cathryn runs backroom operations and three of our sons are involved in guiding and planning. Fin, aka WildBike junior, works full time for WildBike and has helped the company grow and add more of a hardcore, Enduro focus. We also employ additional local guides. Everybody is hugely experienced, fun, friendly and British Cycling qualified and mountain first aid trained.

ST: Can you give us a complete rundown of the destinations you cover.

Yep! Starting with the biggest and raddest and working down, I guess. But hey, even our least rad trip would be pretty rad for many riders and a great craic even for the most experienced! Here goes…

Trips of 6 days or longer:

  • Moab and Colorado (including Crested Butte, Gunnison, Fruita)
  • Alps Enduro Safari (Alpes D’Huez, La Thuile, Samoens, Morzine)
  • Utah and Arizona (including Sedona, Gooseberry Mesa, Bootleg Canyon and a roadtrip around the Grand Canyon)
  • Skye, Torridon and Fisherfield
  • Torridon (5 days solely in the Torridon area, on trails no other guiding company visits, guaranteed!)
  • Cairngorms

Long weekend trips (Thursday evening to Sunday evening). In order of gnar...

  • Lake District High Mountains (very high gnar factor)
  • Snowdonia
  • Exmoor Enduro
  • Brecons and Black Mountains
  • Peaks
  • Dartmoor
  • South Lakes
  • Exmoor Wild Trails (still quite a high gnar factor)

ST: Which of your holidays do you enjoy most?

All of them! But if pushed, I would say all of our epic road-trip kinda rides. On a big 10 day adventure you can just sink into the vibe of the trip and the people. And we tend to do our most ambitious rides on this style of trip too, so that helps. And the variety of riding makes them special. 

ST: And your most special, special trail?

Highline, Sedona. Or Doctor Park, Crested Butte. Or Ling Hut Descent, Torridon. Or Ranger Path, Snowdon. Or off Lower Man, Helvellyn. Or Col Croce, La Thuile. Or…..oh stop it.

ST: Any plans for adding new destinations?

Always! Because we don’t sub-contract, organising new places to ride is a massive task, involving not only scoping trails but also pubs, coffee-shops, accommodation, bikeshops, talking to local experts, sussing out other cool places to visit. So, yes, on the cards for 2021 and 2022 are the Tweed Valley, California and New Zealand. 

ST: And finally, do you have a deal going for Singletrack Premier Subscribers?

Oh yes, 5% off the price of any of our holidays. Just let us know when you have booked and we will adjust your balance accordingly


As the leader/organiser of a group….

  • 10% off your price when you bring a full-paying friend
  • 20% when you bring 2 friends
  • 30% when you bring 3 friends
  • etc….

You get the rest. So, a free trip for you if you bring 10 friends! Just email your intentions up-front. Offer only applies to one person per trip!

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