Komoot Supports Global Adventure Cycling & Ambassadors in 2020

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Komoot, Europe’s biggest outdoors app and proud sponsors of our Singletrack Classic Ride magazine features, is continuing its commitment to the global adventure cycling community in 2020. Take a look at how the app works here, and read on for the 2020 press release.

Official Press Release

Komoot steps up as the official route partner of the Transcontinental Race in 2020 and will also sponsor the all-new Atlas Mountain Race (Morocco), while continuing its partnership with the Silk Road Mountain Race (Kyrgyzstan). As well as supporting events, komoot has a star-studded list of global and regional ambassadors that include the Dutch ex-professional cyclist Laurens ten Dam and the ‘world’s best ultra endurance cyclist’ Lael Wilcox. On a regional level komoot works with Scotty Laughland (UK), Steffi Marth (Germany) and Toni de la Torre (Spain).

Different races – same rider benefits 

The Silk Road Mountain Race and the Atlas Mountain Race have prescribed routes that have been carefully designed by organiser Nelson Trees. They take place in the depths of Asia and Morocco with minimal communication with the outside world. The Transcontinental Race, organised by Anna Haslock of Lost Dot Inc. on the other hand, traverses mainland Europe and route planning is the responsibility of each rider, making safety a major factor. 

Although they are very different races, a partnership with komoot offers riders very similar benefits. Both race organisers have chosen komoot as the platform for their route presentation – sharing the interactive routes or mandatory parcours with their communities well in advance of each event to give riders plenty of time to get acquainted. Riders can interact with the routes online and get an extremely detailed level of understanding of what to expect, how to prepare both physically and mentally, and what equipment to use. The participants are gifted upgrades to komoot Premium with world offline mapping, sports specific maps, dynamic weather forecasting and the smart multi-day Tour planner. Each of these features have been designed with the most adventurous of cyclists in mind – proving indispensable in the many challenging situations that arise in the wild or when re-planning en route is required. 

80% of the Transcontinental Race riders use komoot – safety is key

According to Anna Haslock, TCR race director “One of the great features of komoot is the wealth of information our riders can access on their chosen route. I feel a lot more at ease knowing that with komoot our riders can route away from heavily trafficked roads. If they get lost or have any technical problems with their navigation devices, they can rely on the komoot smartphone app to re-route and navigate. We estimate that more than 80% of TCR riders from the past couple of years are already komoot users.” Previous editions of the Transcontinental race routes can be found on their komoot profile.

When it comes to real adventure cycling in remote locations – komoot ambassador Lael Wilcox relies heavily on komoot to perform her unconventional pre-race recces, often taking up to one month before events to become familiar with the terrain she will push herself to her limits on. “Komoot is the perfect digital tool for route planning and navigation. I usually spend hours doing detailed planning on komoot.com to plan my projects. Once I am happy, I feel so relaxed knowing that I have everything stored on my komoot profile. All my routes are ready to sync with my Wahoo or view on my smartphone if I need more detail or to make adjustments on-the-go. It’s indispensable.

Ambassador benefits for everyone

Supporting the world’s toughest adventure cycling, bikepacking and gravel cycling events and riders enables komoot to work more closely with the global community of cyclists whose main motivation is exploring and discovering new places. According to Jonas Spengler, komoot co-founder and product lead “we love seeing the creme de la creme of the most adventurous cyclists using komoot to plan and navigate races in Kyrgyzstan, Morocco and across Europe. These athletes are a great source of inspiration for us. Our ambassadors are true representatives of komoot’s core community, they help us to brainstorm ways we can improve komoot for everyone since they are putting it to the test in the most difficult situations and environments imaginable”. 

In sponsoring the world’s toughest unsupported bikepacking events and individuals who push beyond the boundaries of bike exploration – komoot shows its vested commitment to the global community of adventure cyclists who dare to go the extra mile. 

For more information on komoot and media opportunities or enquiries please contact fiola@komoot.com

For information on global event and ambassador sponsorships please contact ian@komoot.com 

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