Here’s a Look at Mondraker’s 2022 Bikes

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As a brand, Mondraker have gone all out with their latest release. Here’s a look at the majority of what they have coming out and an overview of their ranges for 2022. There’s set to be more to come too.

Here’s what the brand has to say about their new range, they appear pretty stoked about the news:

2022 Mondraker Summum

The Summum Alloy, which had its frame completely revamped for 2021, is the option for riders who simply prefer an aluminum frame or for those who don’t quite have the budget for one of the new Carbon Summums. It is still, of course, one of the lightest bikes on the international DH circuit and is fully customizable in terms of geometry. You also have three different models to choose from.

Summum carbon
Summum Carbon R

See the Summum range here.

Mondraker Super Foxy

The SuperFoxy is still the Super-Enduro which lets you, and only you, set the limit. Whether at the bike park or on the most demanding trails in your area, it’ll do it all and then come back for more. Its peerless manageability coupled with radically long suspension travel means it’s a gem for the hardest-hitters amongst us.


You can see the full Superfoxy range here.

Mondraker Dusk and Tracer

The Dusk and Chaser are designed for people who want an enduro ebike with unbounded possibilities. The former is ideal for riders looking for an ebike to free up even greater range than was ever before available. You can take the bike up to 990Wh with the option of a range-extender battery in place of a water bottle, so suddenly whole days in the saddle are on the cards.


See all the models in the range here.

Mondraker Prime and Thundra

The Prime and Thundra are trail ebikes. Comfortable, effective and very manageable, they’re aimed at all of us who want to enjoy the countryside at our own pace, exploring and enjoying the natural environment that surrounds us, relaxed.


See the Prime and Thundra here.

Mondraker F-Podium, Podium and Chrono

F-Podium, Podium and Chrono are our Cross Country bikes. Effective and light, they turn every ounce of your effort into forward motion to get you across the finish line first, whether it be at a local weekend race or a World Cup event. We’re extremely proud of the Podium Carbon, the lightest production frame in the world. Weighing in at less than 800 grams.

F-Podium DC R

Here’s the full range of F-Podium, Podium and Chrono bikes.

Mondraker Prime X and Thundra X

The Prime X and Thundra X are a pleasant surprise in our ebike catalogue. Perfect for both urban and off-road use, you can commute to work comfortably and then get out into the countryside at the end of the day to completely unwind. Their versatility and the unlimited possibilities they offer you make whichever one you choose, rest assured your one-bike-fits-all, do-everything bike.


Here are the full details.

Mondraker Kids’ Bikes

So what about our children’s bikes? Whether traditional or ebike, we still have the best range of children’s bikes on the market bar none. That’s because we take all the knowledge and experience gained from making bikes for adults and we transfer it to the bikes we make for our little ones. These bikes are lightweight and specifically adapted to their needs because we want our kids to enjoy themselves just as much as we do so that they become skilled, better riders in the future. Who wouldn’t have wanted one of these when they were little?

Grommy 12

See all the Mondraker children’s bikes here.

For more, head to the Mondraker website.

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  • Here’s a Look at Mondraker’s 2022 Bikes
  • Premier Icon snotrag
    Full Member

    How interesting – I thought there must be a range missing in between ‘enduro’ and ‘xc race’ bikes, ie the regular suspensoon trail bikes that most of us ride.

    But theres not a single non-e trail bike (as confirmed on their website!) in the range!

    Setting their stall out with that one pretty clearly arent they!

    Premier Icon James
    Full Member

    ^ Makes sense to me. XC is about effort, DH has gravity. Enduro/Trail without either assist or the built-in uplift (whichever way you see it) seems like it’s becoming increasingly niche.

    If I lived among proper mountains I’d want an e-enduro bike for kicks and a whippet XC bike for longer day rides, an ideal pair.

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