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Mondraker’s MIND technology adds built-in telemetry, GPS and security

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Mondraker has today revealed their new MIND technology a system of sensors and a connected app to improve your ride and add a degree of security too.

Electronics are now commonplace on our mountain bikes. If electronics aren’t helping us climb hills with motors, they can be found changing our gears, dropping our seat posts, or simply collecting data that we can later analyse and share on social media. But Mondraker’s new MIND technology takes integration and features to a new, never before seen level.

mondraker mind

MIND is made up of a collection of magnets and sensors which all connect wirelessly to your smartphone via the MyMondraker application. The 199g system adds 4 components to your bike designed to monitor suspension movement, travel and keeps tabs on your bike.

At the front end, a powerful magnet is attached to the suspension fork leg just below the stanchions. Above this is a sensor which looks a little like a fender and fastens to the steerer tube of the bike. As the suspension cycles up and down the sensor monitor how the fork behaves and how much travel it uses. This data is then synced to your smartphone after each ride meaning you’ll gather data even if you leave your phone at home. A similar collection of components can be found on the rear with a neat sensor array fastened to the top link of the Zero Suspension system and a magnet mounted to the main pivot. Again as you ride, the sensor collects data and update all this information to your smartphone.

mondraker mind

So what can a rider do with all this suspension data? Well, it turns out quite a lot. Mondraker tells us that the MIND system can be used to correctly set up the suspension sag, but the system will also suggest compression and rebound settings via the application too. This information is constantly recorded and uploaded to the app meaning that after a few runs of a particular trail the system can update you with settings that might work better for those conditions.

With its built-in GPS system, MIND will also keep track of your speed and even make note of where you got air. This information is then available via the app with options to share to social networks.

While all of this is very clever, what we really like is the built-in security that MIND adds to the Mondraker range. A built-in alarm is designed to deter theft while the GPS will activate and track the location of the bike if stolen to help the owner recover it.

Mondraker hasn’t told us which models of bike will feature MIND or how much it will cost, but the press release does show both normal mountain bikes and eMTBs, we’re also told the system runs separate batteries front and rear and that each charge is good for 20 hours of riding or 15 days of standby time.

The system looks pretty cool and we can’t wait to try it for ourselves, but we will have to wait for a bike with MIND to be shipped out to us to try, as Mondraker states that each MIND system is paired to the serial number of the bike and can’t be moved from model to model.

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