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  • Here’s a Look at Mondraker’s 2022 Bikes
  • identitizombie
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    As a brand, Mondraker have gone all out with their latest release. Here’s a look at the majority of what they have coming out and an overview of their …

    By identitizombie

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    Here’s a Look at Mondraker’s 2022 Bikes

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    How interesting – I thought there must be a range missing in between ‘enduro’ and ‘xc race’ bikes, ie the regular suspensoon trail bikes that most of us ride.

    But theres not a single non-e trail bike (as confirmed on their website!) in the range!

    Setting their stall out with that one pretty clearly arent they!

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    ^ Makes sense to me. XC is about effort, DH has gravity. Enduro/Trail without either assist or the built-in uplift (whichever way you see it) seems like it’s becoming increasingly niche.

    If I lived among proper mountains I’d want an e-enduro bike for kicks and a whippet XC bike for longer day rides, an ideal pair.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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