Fresh Goods Friday 558 – The I’m Not Too Hot, YOU’RE Too Hot Edition

by 25

The current heatwave is both a treat and a challenge. Riding bikes in anything over 24°C seems more challenging in the UK than it does abroad. Our shops and cafes don’t have aircon cranked up to relieve us of the relentless sun, our houses are designed to trap as much heat as possible in them, and most of us aren’t used to heading out without a couple of layers on, so it’s a shock to the system being too hot before we’ve even turned a crank.

General advice is to exercise in the early and later hours of the day, do less, and follow all activities with ice cream.

If you’re bike shopping, here’s some really irrelevant information to not consider: The melting temperature of Titanium is 1668°C. For steel, it’s somewhere between 1400 – 1530°C depending on the grade of steel. A generic internet search for carbon melting point is 3550°C but there’s no indication of the layup, it could be a really thin layer. (And the goo that holds it together might have melted long before it…)

Elliot Brown / Singletrack 20th Anniversary Watch

  • Price: £475 (with black rubber strap. Metal, leather and webbing straps also available)
  • From:

We’ve got together with Elliot Brown watches to collaborate on a stylish watch to celebrate our 20th anniversary. There are plenty of hidden forum nods, and you’ll get your forum name engraved on the back. More details on the website – you only have a few weeks to register your interest.

Women’s Chrono Expert Halter Bib Shorts

These bib shorts have a formfitting breathable mesh upper body, reflective logos, a storage pocket and compression leg grippers. The elastic interface Chromo Expert chamois offers great saddle comfort, so great Amanda has got herself two pairs of these. We’ve decided to include body measurements on these because it can be so hard to find a truly well designed set of bibs when you’ve got Thunder Thighs.

Women’s New Road SS Jersey

Don’t be deterred by ‘Road’ in the name. It’s hot out there, and backpacks can be unbearable on shorter rides where you only need to carry a few spares and snacks. The 3 expandable cargo pockets are ideal for road, gravel, XC or short/local MTB loops. The full length front zip is handy for wild weed when you have bib shorts on, and the material is UPF50+ to keep you safe from the sun.

Women’s Chrono Expert Wind Vest

Available in bright orange if you’re planning to wear this on the road, or black if visibility isn’t your concern. Super lightweight, packable, 2-way stretch, elasticated hem, back ventilation and a water-repellant coating make this windproof a great item to carry with you at all times for a bit of added weather protection.

Aldi Unisex Sliders

Ideal post-ride footwear for any weather. Be the envy of your friends with these Aldi branded sliders.

Hope F20 Pedals

There’s nothing new about these old favourite pedals, but if you’ve got a new bike with a new colour scheme then you might find yourself in need of these. Replaceable pins, aluminium CNCd bodies, and Cro Mo axles.

Hope Grip Doctors

If you have a tendency to scrape past walls, bail on jumps and let your bike fall to the floor, or any other acts of bike clumsiness, then you may well benefit from bar ends that are more burly than a rubber bumper. And, you can match them to your pedals. Whoop!

Terske and Lindarets Bolts And Tools

  • Price: Lockring and Hex Tools £24.95 ea, Titanium Valves £44.95, Oil Slick Headset Spacers £24.95, coloured ultra-low Titanium bolts £12.95 for four
  • From: Gone Biking Mad

A couple of handy tools and some titanium loveliness from Terske and Lindarets. The silver Hex tool and Rotor tool are of particular interest for riders looking to pare down their toolkits: the Hex tool has a 6mm and 8mm bit, while the Rotor tool will tighten the larger external lockring tools found on many rotors. The clever bit is that both use your thru-axle to provide the lever and leverage.

The Ti tubeless valves feature a straight bore to reduce sealant clogging and you won’t bend or shear them while flailing with your mini pump in the middle of nowhere. A valve tool is built into the metal valve cap too. And those low profile bolts come in silver, black and rainbow Ti and are great replacements if you need bottle (or other boss) bolts that won’t snag on luggage being slid into cages, or if you’re blanking off unused bosses. Plus, rainbows!

And that’s the end of Fresh Goods Friday for this week. We hope you’ve been enjoying some of the warm weather and avoiding the random thunderstorms (that are literally on/off, street by street here…)

We’re going to leave you with a bit of a classic early nineties club tune here. And the only one, to our knowledge, that mentions the equally classic (and wonderfully awful) fantasy film ‘Hawk The Slayer’…

You might as well have some Hawk, eh? 😉

Oh, and you’ve got until tomorrow to subscribe to Singletrack World magazine in order to get the next issue of the magazine delivered to your door. Do it now. It’s a good one!

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 558 – The I’m Not Too Hot, YOU’RE Too Hot Edition
  • dangeourbrain
    Full Member

    Stupid confession – I’ve only just twigged SS relates to Short Sleeve jerseys and doesn’t denote Single Speed specific jerseys which I couldn’t help but get a bit annoyed by.

    Full Member

    Oil slick stuff – I don’t get it. Is it ‘just because you can’? Or looking trick like a welded stainless steel exhaust (see the bangs and pops cars thread)? or something else?
    Obvs purple anodised stuff is right though.

    Full Member

    Well I suppose the advantage of oil slick is it matches everything and unlike single colour anno might actually look similar from one component to another.

    Free Member

    dangeourbrain, do we need to talk about “LS” jerseys?

    Full Member

    I’ve always been very pro-purple and can’t stand oil slick finishes… Perhaps it’s an age/retro/whatever thing…

    Full Member

    Not much grip on those pedals 😉
    For use on the trip to Aldi to get some new footwear maybe?

    Full Member

    dangeourbrain, do we need to talk about “LS” jerseys?

    Oddly I’ve never noticed LS in relation to long sleeve, probably because my brain didn’t jump to something else immediately I saw it so I happily glid over it. It might have helped reduce some frothing on my part if I had.

    On the other hand they could be Languid Speed I suppose and I certainly see a market for that.

    Full Member

    SS could also mean Spring/Summer, just to really confuse things….

    Full Member

    Stainless Steel?

    Full Member

    Stainless Steel?

    SS jersey:

    SS jersey

    Full Member

    Surely “Aldi Middle Aisle” is just plain wrong?
    It’s the “Aisle of dreams” in Aldi whilst for Lidl it’s known as the “Middle of Lidl“.

    Tom Howard
    Full Member

    Didn’t Prince Harry get in bother for wearing some SS clothes a few years ago?

    Free Member

    “The full length front zip is handy for wild weed” – does opening the zip make things easier to smoke?

    Full Member

    Purple anodized bits is a definitely a 90s thing.

    Wish I still had my purple Acor skewers and my purple brake booster.

    And my DCD….

    Full Member

    If we’re on about things melting then tell Charlie that little jars of bum butter do indeed turn liquid and leak at sunny dashboard cubby hole temperatures.

    Not sure if having a nice smelling and evenly lubricated cubby hole will make my bike any more comfortable….

    Full Member

    Max Moseley definitely got into trouble for something to with small things or extra large things….or was that Hugh Grant….

    Free Member

    Perhaps it’s an age/retro/whatever thing…

    I’m old enough to have been around when purple was the thing and I’ve never liked it. My newest bike had purple valve caps! I painted them black! I do however like Oil Slick. Though I don’t actually own any, as yet.

    Full Member

    Yes Hawk the Slayer! I remember the bow dude. I don’t remember it being quite so bad 😂
    Oh, and its the aisle of shite, surely?

    Full Member

    I saw Hawk the Slayer on a cross channel ferry on my way to school. Pre-teen me thought it was awesome!

    Purple is very ’90’s and needs to stay there. Burnt Orange is where it’s at.

    Full Member


    Lidl won the marketing war with “The Middle of Lidl”

    Aldi’s response of “The Isle of Shite” didn’t quite have the same ring to it.

    Full Member

    ooh very harsh, where else can you get Easter eggs in late July, a gazebo and a bargain MIG welder?


    Is Amanda referring to herself in 3rd person.

    Full Member

    I lusted after the purple ano stuff back then but couldn’t afford it. A mate had the works – cook bros cranks, purple brake booster, some aftermarket canti brakes…properly trick.

    I settled for a purple helmet..yeah, another one. Don’t know what I was thinking 🙂

    So now, yeah it looks good (the purple anodised stuff).

    Free Member

    My 93 Marin Palisades had purple finishing kit, though it had more of a blueish tint than the purple above.
    When someone destroyed the frame a good mate supplied me with a very purple bonded Ti Raleigh (Ogre?) and he’d added a “Purple is not a crime” sticker.

    I now know which valves I just need to get when I am feeling really flush, near pointless Ti ones in Oilslick. Stronger, yeah, right.

    Free Member

    I like what you did with the Aldi link.

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