Rapha Launch MTB Trailwear

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Founded in 2004, Rapha are seemingly a brand riders either love or hate. No matter your opinion, there’s no denying they know a thing or two about great quality kit. They’ve been making cycling apparel for many years. Now, branching out into mountain biking, Rapha have announced the launch of their new trailwear range for mountain bikers.

With kit available for men and women, the brand are also offering a range of accessories. The range actually looks to be affordable with pricing in line with other brands.

Rapha MTB

What is Rapha Performance Trailwear? It’s far more than the fabrics and features you see on the shelf – behind every garment is a story. From backcountry bikepacking trips and World Cup competitions, to afternoon laps around our US headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, every garment we make is tested by our elite athletes and weartesters. And with a roster that includes Olympic medallist Jill Kintner, EWS racer Ella Conolly and XC legend Adam Craig as well as Bryn Atkinson, Eliot Jackson and Joey Schusler, we’re able to push our products to the limit. Riding and racing in locations around the globe, our weartesters have put this kit through its paces on the world’s best trails to guarantee that it won’t crack under pressure or fade over time.


Rapha Women’s Kit

Rapha have a range of women’s kit with shorts, jerseys, liner shorts, tech tshirts and jackets to choose from.

The women’s shorts are available in two colourways and retail at £110. There are a range of jerseys to choose from that include 3/4 sleeve (in two colours) at £75, tech tee (in two colours) at £55 as well as a trail tank top (in two colours) at £50.

Rapha Men’s Range

The men’s range has a bib liner, trail shorts, jackets and a variety of jerseys.

The men’s shorts are available in three colourways and retail at £110. Similar to the women’s range, the men’s jersey options offer 3/4 sleeve and tech tee. The 3/4 jerseys are available in four colours and retail at £75. The tech tees are £55, and available in four colours.

Rapha Accessories

The brand are offering hip packs, helmets, glasses, socks and hats in their line of accessories.

The helmets, developed in association with Smith are available in two colours and retail at £175. Rapha hip packs are available in three colours at £60.

To see the full range and get more information head to the Rapha MTB website.

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Comments (8)

    I was quite looking forward to this, but I’ve got to say, it’s pretty underwhelming. OK; a tee shirt, it’s summer, but you can buy those anywhere…and 3/4 length arms…brambles anyone? No gloves, no gilet, no Sportwool…you know the thing Rapha are most well known for?


    That bike in the first shot looks a bit small for the rider…

    Overpriced and average I would say.

    Nothing to excite and looks like not much research has gone on.

    Pink and Black are the colour choices for women. And with that lack of imagination, I’m out.

    The trail shorts look good. Nothing to excite is what I’m after tbh – just simple functional kit. The only research needed is good fabrics and fit with no annoying features, which seems harder to find than I’d expect.

    Excellent, been waiting for this as I have found their clothing has always been well made and durable.

    When does a colourway become a colour? What colourway is the sky? What colourway is an angry gammons face ?

    The shorts look like a more techy version of the old touring shorts. I like the look of the ‘knit’ on that yellow jersey too. But echohing above, prob won’t buy any and the women’s colours is just a disappointment. (although I would happily wear a mans in that raspberry colour!)

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