Issue 153



International Adventure: Peaks of the Balkans 

Jerome Clementz takes an optimistic ride into the forgotten reaches of the cursed Balkan mountains

Interview: Flying Under the Radar

Geoff Waugh chats to Joey Gough, who has been so busy riding her bike, she’s flown under the commercial radar in an industry that’s just catching up.

Tested: Through The Grinder

The only lateral stiffness is in our backs; real world product reviews from real world riders.

Classic Ride: Surrey Thrills

Adele Mitchell takes a ride around Hurtwood – one of the UK’s busiest riding spots, where the trail network relies heavily on the continued goodwill of landowners and volunteers.

International Adventure: Spend Time Not Money

Amanda and Rhys spend their summer holiday discovering that cheap really can be cheerful.

MTB Culture: Minority Rapport

What is it about women’s rides that is proving so attractive? Fi Spotswood has been trying to find out.

Tech Head: When it’s all your own fault

A custom-built bike is a dream for many, but how hard is it to choose (and then live with) your exact, perfect machine? Chipps finds out.

Purposeful Adventure: Britain’s Lost Rainforests

It’s not just the Amazon rainforest that’s at risk. Here in the UK, our own temperate rainforests are vanishing too. Pete Scullion goes looking for its remnants.

Last Word: Weights and Measures

Hannah proposes a new system of measurement, putting quality over quantity.

Issue 153 Cover

In a change to the norm, you might recognise this cover shot. Usually we only run an image that’s never been seen before, but this one was a bit different – it emerged as part of our Forum Photography competition. Before it even went on to win the ‘Gnarpooning’ category, we’d spotted that it could make an excellent cover. Congratulations to Colournoise!

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