Midweek Movies: Racing, Prep and a Great Launch Video

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Well hello, Wednesday. We meet again it seems. Is it just us, or does it feel like time is flying right now? Well, there’s nothing better than spending some quality time watching some riding videos. So, here’s this weeks’ round up of goodies from the internet.

Yay for bikes, yay for it being almost the weekend. And a final yay for midweek movies.

Laura Stigger is Austria’s next MTB Cross-Country star | All in

After winning several gold medals within the Junior category, Austria’s Laura Stigger stepped her game up in 2020 & finished her first ever elite race on the podium of the UCI Cross-Country MTB World Cup.

Most Epic Enduro Race of All Time: Trans Madeira Day One

Matt Jones had the best time at the Trans Madeira. Looks like day one was a blast.

#BikeIsBest – The Best Tool For The Job

We’re not going to argue with this one. If you haven’t seen this yet, give it a share, and if you don’t, perhaps take the bike on your next short trip.

Fastest run at NotARace IXS Schladming

Joe Breeden.. speeden (sorry, not sorry. Couldn’t resist. He’s looking quick.

Dirt Sisters of Shred Take over the 417 Bike Park

Amazing to see the Dirt Sisters of Shred have a good time. Good luck to anyone who is racing in their event this weekend coming.

Night of the Spark

As far as bike launch videos go, this one is pretty good. Did you catch the news of the launch of the all-new Spark RC and Spark 900 earlier? If not, see it here.

Loose gets a Mullet | Santa Cruz Bronson mk4

Short and sweet. Take a quick ride with Loosedog Lewis.

THE SYNDICATE – Luca Shaw – Bike Check

The Syndicate have gone kind of Parks and Rec. Anyway, who doesn’t like a bike check. See Luca’s bike and his setup for Leogang.

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