Are you looking for 30% more performance from your lube? Peaty’s has you covered!

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Peaty’s release a new premium formulation of their LinkLube Premium all-weather lube boasting 30% more performance.

If there is one thing I desire more than anything its performance from my lube! Poor performing lube literally grinds my gears, washes away easily and needs reapply more often, so when Peaty’s contacted us with a lube promising 30% more performance we listened.

In all fairness, lube performance or frequency of lubing should be something to consider, but I bet you don’t remember the last time you even thought about it. Sure we all splash a little oil on our bikes after a ride, more so in winter, but are we all serving our drivetrains as well as we should?

The “30% more” claim from Peaty’s LinkLube All-Weather Premium could mean we can all afford to be a little lax come service time without our chains turning to rust and drivetrain creaking to a halt.

Here’s what Peaty’s have to say about their latest product;

Introducing Peaty’s LinkLube All-Weather Premium Chain Lube!

Love our standard LinkLube All-Weather but want it to run even cleaner, smoother, quieter and last 30% longer? LinkLube All-Weather Premium is the lube you’ve been waiting for!

Designed for the longest rides in mixed weather conditions. LinkLube All-Weather Premium uses the same scientific approach as our much loved LinkLube All-Weather, but dials the quality of the ingredients up to 11.

With the same chain-cleaning properties as our standard all-weather lube, the milky-white LinkLube Premium penetrates deep inside the chain and replaces moisture, grit & grime with a long-lasting blend of oils, waxes and non-toxic Nano-particles.

Why 30% longer?

All-Weather Premium has been ridden over thousands of miles of testing and development over the last couple of years by our motley crew of riders and product testers. Over these miles of real-world testing, they have found that on average it lasted 30% longer in the same conditions as our standard All-Weather LinkLube.

Through the first wave of lockdown, Paralympic gold medallist Steve Bate was using the latest formulation back-to-back comparing it to our standard LinkLube All-Weather. During his epic 1,000 mile turbo trainer ride over ten days, the results showed that All Weather Premium lasted a massive 500 miles before wearing out.  In comparison, LinkLube All-Weather standard lasted 380 miles in the same,  controlled conditions showing a 31.5% increase in durability.

LinkLube All-Weather Premium joins the already established range of chain lubes available from Peaty’s LinkLube family consisting of LinkLube Wet, LinkLube Dry, and LinkLube All-Weather.

In summary:

●        Cleaner, smoother, quieter & 30% longer lasting

●        Designed for the longest rides in mixed weather conditions

●        Mint scent matches the much loved All-Weather standard lube

●        Available now in 60ml (RRP £9.99/€10.99) and 120ml (RRP £15.99/€17.99)

LinkLube All-Weather Premium is now available in finer bike shops worldwide or from

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