The Singletrack Forum – probably better than Yahoo Answers

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What is Yahoo Answers? Well, it was a ‘knowledge market’ where you could ask questions and the great world wide public would answer them for you – not always helpfully or accurately. However, it’s closing down and so all those important questions you never knew needed asking are at risk of going unanswered. But you already knew that there’s a better place to ask questions than Yahoo: there’s the Singletrack Forum. Let us explore the similarities, the differences, and the threads that some of these lost souls might find helpful.

Snot vs Poo

A Yahoo Answers user asked ‘How many calories in a booger?’. ‘How many calories in a poo?’ debated the Singletrack Forum.

Frogs, Ponds, and (not) Sex.

The ‘Where can I buy a frog? (Not for sexual reasons)?’ Yahoo questioner would do well to check out the ‘Show me your pond’ thread. They might also like to look into hot tubs, aka sex ponds, because we’re not sure that the frog isn’t wanted for sex reasons.

Not a frog.

In search of Truth

Can you point me to another site like yahoo answers where I can post about the truth regarding the left’s degeneracy and ruining of the USA?‘ Well, we could point you to the Donald Trump thread. Or the Brexit thread (though, that’s not really ruining the USA, is it, yet?).

Putting the Moon on a Stick

Singletrack readers are undemanding, regularly asking for the moon on a stick. Yahoo may be able to teach us something ‘If I wanted the moon on a stick, what would be the best stick to impale it on?’ (one answer is ‘you would be mad to try, so I would say a luna-stick’ – clearly this person should be on the Singletrack Forum already and is wasted on Yahoo).

Correct application of Sudocrem

If you had any doubts they’re a bit weird over on Yahoo, they’re not busy trying to get sudocrem off a cat, they’re actually wanting to put it on a dog.

You don’t need to ride a bike to find the Singletrack Forum useful, and indeed some have stumbled in there asking questions not knowing it’s a bike forum. We’re expecting to get a few more emails like this one as the Yahoos come our way:

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Comments (6)

    I’m not underestimating by saying this – and I suspect many would agree – it has helped me get through life over the last ten years or so. I value an ad-free forum far higher than the mag, sorry!

    “Not a frog.”

    Correct! Frogs look happy. 🙂

    Love the person asking to cancel their membership due to not owning a bike. Little did they realise that they’d probably be in the majority!

    Have caught a couple of colleagues over time on STW. E.g.
    Didn’t know you’re a biker?! I said…

    “I’m not, but I found a thread on replacing my roof and it’s great”.

    In a world of Facebook and Instagram, the STW forums are a like a fresh breeze in a beer garden on a sunny spring day. Topical I know.

    But I do miss forums and how conversations can really endure.

    (and how after a software upgrade all the old posts come up as 2018 in google)

    My dad has occasionally said to us “Can you ask this question on your mountain bike forum?”
    To date, the responses have never failed to either entertain or solve the problem, and sometimes they manage both at once…

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