is a scam website

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Confirmed by the UK distributor of Giro products, Zyro Fisher. This very convincing website offers up some extremely attractive deals on Giro gear but don’t be fooled.

The genuine website for UK customers is

The scam website was first registered in 2023 by a Pakistan based domain registration company called PakNic. The owner of the site remains unknown.

Singletrack Forum users reported problems with the site on our sticky offers PSA thread and it’s likely fraudulent too good to be true offers.

Don’t go there. is a scam site

What’s the scam?

The website is extremely well presented and professional looking and you would be easily fooled into thinking this was a genuine Giro retail website. From forum user reports who have attempted to buy products from the site it appears that transactions are being declined when users enter address information. This would suggest the scam could be related to collecting large numbers of credit card details. Scammers will often do this and then sell lists of valid credit card numbers on the black market.

If you have got to the stage of entering card details on a site like that that subsequently rejects your order it would be prudent to call your bank and get the card replaced.

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  • is a scam website
  • bikemasterbeave
    Full Member

    Keep up the good work Mark exposing these scammers.

    Full Member

    Blimey, that is a pretty convincing scam site! And the prices aren’t too wildly reduced. Shape of scammers to come? Best be very vigilant with online purchases…

    Full Member

    Stop buying online. Use a local shop.

    Money is only of any use when being spent.

    Full Member

    Use a local shop

    Yeah, cos they stock all you need. 🙄

    Full Member

    I read this and immediately thought I’d been scammed on Saturday morning.  Just checked my browsing history and I was on the real website.  I was trying to buy too good to be true offers that didn’t get accepted after receiving a marketing email.  Did giro/zyro screw up the real website pricing on Saturday?  I’ve even had emails back highlighting that id left stuff on my basket for a 1/10the of the retail price.

    Full Member

    Use a local shop.

    I wish it were that simple but it just isn’t.

    When I wanted new shoes I learned the nearest shop that had any actual stock of MTB shoes was nearly an hour drive away. Their range was extensive but choice of sizes very limited. When I was looking for a new helmet the stores nearby offered me a choice of exactly one brand per shop – and often one size ‘but we can order them in’ – so two visits needed then.

    And that is before we look at the money which can be saved buying online.I’m not talking about from online only retailers either – there are brick and mortar business which have adapted to the time and are still someone’s local shop. I’ll turn to those over local shops because believe it or not I get better service and they are more convenient. Not like I’m out in the sticks either – I’m near a major city.

    So tell me, why would I travel to a place to pay more for a thing that is not the exact thing I am looking for? Because the inconvenience involved far outweighs the benefits of trying to prop up local businesses. And I have tried many more times than the examples given above. The results are always very similar.

    Full Member

    I read this and immediately thought I’d been scammed on Saturday morning.  Just checked my browsing history and I was on the real website

    yes, publicity of this scam website pretty much coincided with the real giro screwing their pricing. I believe most orders were cancelled and the rices restored to normal. More on the sticky PSA discount thread.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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