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alex fuchs of Max Schumann 129 cover
Your 129 Cover. Photographer: Alex Fuchs Rider: Max Schumann

UK Adventure: Why Get Guided?

Tom Hill spends a weekend with Tweed Valley Guides around Innerleithen to find out why you should consider hiring a mountain bike guide, even in a place as well known as the Tweed Valley.

International Adventure: Riding Glaciers

Pete Scullion hikes up an ice-filled mountain range in order to catch first light on one of Norway’s biggest glaciers and a seemingly endless ride back down to sea level.

UK Adventure: Cornish Classic

Our Classic Ride takes Barney to deepest Cornwall. Often overlooked, it hosts a treasure of great trails, great views and a vibrant riding scene.

Five minutes with: Cedric Gracia

Five minutes with this million-miles (and words)-an-hour, larger than life character. So that’s about 83,000 words then.

Riding to the Emosson Dam

Sanny returns to ride the trails around Switzerland’s Emosson Dam after a decade away. Has ten years of skill-honing and bike technology made the tricky trails there more enjoyable? Or are they now too easy?

Column: Jason Miles

Our resident grump enjoys a real world catch up with friends for a bike ride and a bit of face to face grumping.

Column: Ode To Climbs

Rich Rothwell thinks we should enjoy climbs in their own right rather than just seeing them as a means to a descent. Can he persuade us there is joy to be had?

Bike Test

With access to an office full of fancy machinery, what do the writers at Singletrack choose to ride when they get a free weekend? We’ve sat the editors down and made them review the bikes they ride for fun.

If you nip down to your newsagent or supermarket, your fun will stop there. But if you subscribe or buy your copy from our shop or one of our Premier Dealers, you’ll be able to enjoy the extended entertainment of our Premier Edition, which contains the following additional features:

International Adventure: What’s Zermatter?

Emma and Carly continue their carefully planned #vanlife adventures round Europe with a trip to Zermat. By van. Which doesn’t allow vans.

International Adventure: Packrafting in the Ukraine

Our adventurers travel to the Ukraine and discover forgotten villages, sub-zero temperatures and warm-hearted strangers. And then what better way to get home after a four day ride than to paddle back? In winter.

Last Word: One More Run

Tim Oates experiences the danger of that one, final run of the day, when you should have called it quits long ago.

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