Stolen! Gowaan Gal Martha Gill’s Marin Bikes

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Gowaan Gal Martha Gill has just posted on Instagram that she’s had two bikes stolen from her van in Sheffield tonight. Thieves, reported to be on mopeds, have taken her Marin Alcatraz dirt jump bike plus her Marin Alpine Trail Carbon. The theft looks to have taken place around 7pm on 23rd February.

As we’ve seen recently, bikes can be sold off via social media within hours of being stolen. If you see these bikes being advertised, contact the police on 101.

It’s easily done – you pop into the supermarket for some milk on your way home, and leave your bike in the car. You’ll only be a minute. But remember, insurers won’t always cover theft from a car – read the small print and make sure you know what measures you need to take to be covered if the worst does happen.

Keep your eyes peeled for Martha’s bikes, and check out our guides to locks and security. Remember Singletrack Members can get a discount on bike insurance with Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance. Hopefully that doesn’t come in handy.

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Comments (4)

    These occurances are very saddening. Even if you leave your bike in the car for a few minutes, it’s worth locking it with a chain. Same for bikes up on the roof. Or never leave it unattended. Hope the bikes are recovered.

    Yep…you’ve GOT to lock them to some kind of strong point (or at least something made of steel that’s a loop so you’ve something to get a lock through).

    Especially when they are visible through windows.

    Make it difficult at least. If they’re tooled up with bolt cutters and grinders, it’s not going to stop them.
    But opportunistic $h!t$ , it helps if you make it harder.

    So much total scum out there.

    And of course its not helped when the Rossers are spending all their time trying to nick people who’ve gone for a walk in the Peaks, rather than policing real crime. Because catching thieving scum would take more effort yet yield less easy money in fines.

    she posted an insta story earlier that day riding at some urban pumptrack. they most likely followed her on the off chance she stopped for milk somewhere nearby…

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