Bike Shop Thieves Strike Twice – Again!

by 11

It’s the second time this week that we find ourselves reporting on a bike shop being broken into for the second time in a month. This time it’s Cycle Gear in Halifax – a local bike shop with online retail outlet. During the last break in, thieves broke through a breeze block wall to gain access. This time you can see for yourselves what it took them to get in.

The team at Cycle Gear issued this message:

Its safe to say that 2021 has not been our year 💩

At 8pm on Friday 29th we we’re broken into again. This time around its with what we think was about 10 bikes stolen. We are currently trying to figure out what exactly was taken, so we can get a list together and get it out to everyone who might be able to help.

Below is the CCTV from the incident. We know it’s a long shot, but we would greatly appreciate any information in regards to the break in. Please share this footage as much as you possibly can 🙏 Van Reg – PJ02 YDA.

We also just want to say thank you to all our customers who have continued to support us throughout the past year or so. Events like this set us back, but we will continue to try and serve you in the best way possible!

We also want to say to our friends in independent shops, bike shops or not, who are trying to navigate their way through this sh*tshow of a year and are trying to figure the future out, please check all your security so you have one less thing to worry about! The less this happens to us all, the more likely we all are to stick around.

Many thanks – Nath, Han, Joe, Seth, Steve and Bob

Against that level of equipment there is perhaps little you can do to keep them out. While their parking/driving skills look to be somewhat wanting, they look like they’ve got a fair idea of what they need to do to get in. The owner of another local bike shop, West Vale Cycles, reckons the thieves look to be the same bunch as cleaned him out just recently too. Here they are again on camera.

We’ve been told that thieves are now using Instagram stories to sell bikes on within hours of them being stolen. Chipps spotted this screen recorded example from this instagram account in a discussion after this theft story. We don’t know which theft the footage shows, or if the person briefly captured on camera has been identified, but if you spot something useful here on anywhere else, dial 101 – can’t do any harm, can it?

With bikes in short supply, a cheap deal might be tempting but can you really live with yourself knowing it’s stolen? If your mate has suddenly acquired a suspiciously good deal on a bike, maybe you’d like to be asking them a few questions about where they got it, prod their conscience a little?

As for you, go lock up your treasures extra safe and check your insurance policy. Remember Singletrack Members can get a discount on bike insurance with Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance. Hopefully that doesn’t come in handy.

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Comments (11)

    Man this makes me mad. SCUMBAGS.

    Against that level of equipment there is perhaps little you can do to keep them out. – Well i’m sure a full length pull down metal shutter would have helped ? There seems to be 1 lock on the door, along with none of the bikes locked to anything in the shop… Whilst i’m sympathetic to their issue, i they could do more.

    Absolute bottom feeding scum. Lazy ****ts.

    This and the other story along the same lines really get my goat. That these people think it is okay to just steal disgusts me.

    Some metal bars behind the pull to open door or a collapsible driveway bollard behind the push to open door would slow them down considerably and give cops a bit more time to respond, basically any extra they weren’t expecting would help.

    Like everyone else here it really boils my bodily fluids to hear what these bottom feeding scumbags are doing and how bad it’s getting at the moment.

    This, and the earlier story this week, does however fit a classic pattern for house burglary – break in once and rob it then give enough time for replacements/insurance payout then rob it again before they’ve had time to out better security measures in.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if insurance companies and suppliers soon start asking for evidence of improved security before paying out/providing replacement stock.

    Can’t imagine the resolve it takes to continually pick yourself up after this happens again.
    That bloke in the Transit is also seriously s**t at reversing.

    Worth a quick edit- dialling 111 will get you medical advice. 101 is the police non-emergency line.

    I’d love to get my hands on the bastard! Or bitch, might be a lady…?

    its really unfair isn’t it? we all are decent people on here, and we go the hard way by buying expensive bikes, as we’ve worked for them. but then people go and do this? there’s a new level of low bike stealing scumbags emerging. and I don’t like it

    Shops should start fitting smoke cloaks, I’ve seen this stuff in action and it’s an amazing deterrent.

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