Bike Insurance Discount? We’ve got one for you.

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Boring but important: get a discount on bike insurance with a Singletrack membership.

Since the start of lockdown my bikes have become more important than ever. They have become my lockdown compliant escape route to fresh air, exercise and happiness, in a world where there are few other options. Without it, lockdown would be intolerable, and I would be super grumpy, and fat(ter). And those are just some of the reasons why my bikes are insured.

Bar Stewards.

What’s more, there are rather a lot of bike thieves out there. Bike theft feels more frequent than it ever has. At Singletrack we have had the office ram raided, and two bikes snatched from under our noses and dragged down the road by people in a car! You can read about that here.

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Save on your bike insurance.

Singletrack Members get a nice discount with Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance. We can forgive them for the roadie biased name because the insurance is well thought out and offers the kind of insurance that mountain bikers need.

Yellow Jersey Insurance is a family run insurance company specifically for cyclists. They know that adding your beloved bikes to the home insurance policy does not always cut it and can leave you exposed. So, they created their own insurance policy that fills the gaps home insurance can leave, such as:

  • Theft from a motor vehicle
  • Racing
  • Travelling overseas
  • Cover outside the home
  • Third party liability
  • Event entry fee cancellation cover
  • 60% Multi-bike discount
  • Roadside recovery
  • Free DNA kit
  • Zero depreciation

Joining us today will give you access to this discount, plus more online deals – and of course print or digital access to our magazine. Is our magazine the most useful mountain bike magazine membership out there? Or is this the least boring way to deal with bike insurance you can find?

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    If you take out the Yellow Jersey Travel insurance be sure and read the TandC’s very carefully.
    We had Yellow Jersey annual travel cover pre-covid and booked a USA biking road trip pre-covid. Turns out the Cancellation clauses are pretty limited and don’t cover a) all flights being cancelled so you can’t get there and b) the USA won’t let anybody in from the UK.

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