DT Swiss 232 ONE – The All New XC Suspension Platform

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DT Swiss launches the new 232 ONE XC Suspension Platform: fork, shock and dropper post, for tough XC performance.

When DT Swiss decided to launch an all new suspension platform aimed squarely at small travel bikes and XC racing they had a couple of conundrums to contend with. Firstly there are homologation rules and regulations set down by the UCI. Strict rules that control what can be used in competition as it needs to be available to the consumer for a period of 6 months before the event. Secondly, on the back of the homologation ruling means that the launch of the 232 ONE range would need to happen in January.

DT Swiss F 232 ONE Fork Features

  • Wheel size 29in
  • Weight 1.51kg (110mm travel with remote without axle with 230mm steerer)
  • Actuation handlebar remote or lever
  • Travel 100mm, 110mm, 120mm
  • Offset 51mm
  • Stanchion Diameter 32mm
  • Price £849.99/979 EUR/$1113 USD (lower version), £874.99/999 EUR/$1135 (remote version)

DT Swiss R 232 ONE Shock Features

  • Lightweight rear shock for XC racing
  • Lineair air spring with XC optimised spring curve
  • Three-position Incontrol compression adjustmer with Open, Drive, and Lock settings
  • Adjustable low-speed rebound damping
  • Aluminum black anodized stanchion
  • Actuation by either handlebar remote or lever
  • Available sizes Trunnion mount- 165x40mm, 165x45mm 185x50mm and Standard mount- 190x40mm, 190x45mm, 210x50mm, 210x55mm
  • Weight 230g (190x45mm with remote lever)
  • RRP: Lever versions 406 EUR / $463 USD, Remote version 429 EUR / $486 USD / (not being distributed in the UK)

D 232 ONE Dropper Features

  • Travel 60mm
  • Upside Down fully mechanical and spring system
  • Carbon seat tube & seat clamp, aluminium slider tube, titanium seat clamp bolts
  • Cable activated
  • Stanchion Black Anodized
  • Twin-bolt carbon saddle clamp
  • Diameter 27.2mm and 30.9mm
  • Offset 0mm
  • Total length 400mm
  • Weight 369g (30.9mm diameter post without cable and cable outer) remote 16.9g
  • RRP £434.99 / $566 USD / 499 EUR
DT Swiss 232 ONE
Going underground

The Big Launch

Where do you host such a launch in Europe in the middle of winter? Where else but in disused 350 year old underground mine. To me the idea of riding bikes in a mine springs up an abundance of questions, but intrigue got the best of me and I set off to Kamsdorf in Germany to see the new products in the flesh and tick off yet another thing from my bucket list.

The mine has been closed since 1958 and is home to a multitude of subterranean trails mostly in complete darkness. With lights mounted on our helmets we negotiated the steep staircase down into the black out. The trails varied from beginner through to “enduro” grade. We started on some of the simple trails as I adjusted to the lack of peripheral vision and the trail conditions.

DT Swiss 232 ONE
Is it just us, or is this pretty scary?

With the scary thought of the world’s press lost underground in a maze of dark mine shafts, DT Swiss employed the knowledge of local guide Lucas Rham to reduce the risk of disaster. Once I graduated from the beginner trails and my speed and confidence grew in the mine I advanced to sample the plethora of rollers and berms. The lack of any type of breeze underground combined with a feeble attempt to stay on the wheel of the two Flückiger brothers meant it didn’t take long before I was sweating like the proverbial pig.

Combine the loose over hardpack with tight flat turns, narrow sections of the shaft and some really low head room – it all made for precarious and testing riding. With the odd remnants of old mining metal work hanging from the ceiling and low level supports dotted around the chances of a glancing blow or a serious bump to the head inevitable, keeping my focus and concentration would be the challenge for the duration of the ride.

The DT Swiss 232 ONE suspension products have been developed with a focus on performance and XC racing. So a collaboration with Canyon and also Swiss based Thӧmus RN XC elite race team to develop the new range. The 232 ONE products were slotted into a true lightweight XC race machine, the Canyon Lux CF SLX 9.0 DT.

F 232 ONE Fork

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