New Gifts For Mountain Bikers In Our Shop

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The Singletrack Merch’ shop is filling up with new products, and is the ideal place to buy gifts for mountain bikers.

singletrack merch shop gifts for mountain bikers what to get a cyclist for Xmas
Your stocking could look this good.

For many years the Singletrack merch shop has been pretty quiet. Think of it as being a bit like that gift shop at a weird little tourist attraction. However now we have Charlie (formerly a Bikemonger) on the team, and he says, “It will be like one of those weird gift shops at an awesome kick arse tourist attraction with fire, sharks and laser beams. Maybe. But that is not really the point. The big thing with Singletrack Merch’ is that it really really helps Singletrack carry on doing what they do so well. All the top-notch reviews and articles that are free to read online, the beautifully crafted print magazine… that is all possible because you support Singletrack by buying our cool stuff”.

New in the shop this winter we have some great gifts for mountain bikers, or just swag for you, if you love yourself more than your friends.

Singletrack Salvation “It saves our souls”.

It’s an entirely natural bum cream for cyclists that not only reduces friction, it is also antiseptic and mildly anaesthetic. Thyme is one of the ingredients, and that makes it, you, and your shorts smell like victory. If you don’t know what to get a cyclist for Xmas, this is the thing to get. Click here for Salvation.

Hats… Hats… Hats…

With 50 foot of snow predicted this winter (apparently), there really is no better time to prepare for the freezing fate that awaits you. Hiding in an old pub mid-ride? The Singletrack Bobble Hat will alert you to the low ceiling before you clout your noggin. It’s just like a MIPs helmet you know. And we have three new hats, two with bobbles. Click here for hats.

singletrack wooly bobble hat gift for mountain bikers what to get a cyclist for Xmas
Beard augmentation.

Greener than an alien’s bogey

At Singletrack we want our products to not only be awesome, we also want to be awesome to the environment. So, we are switching over our clothing to organic, fair trade, no nasty chemical etc. Our new “Whamo Camo” hoodie is green, it’s actually green in colour, but also it ticks lots of green boxes, including being vegan.  Have look here.

gifts for mountain bikers singletrack camo hoodie sweatshirt what to get a cyclist for Xmas
Camo Wamo hoodie

And it gets even better

If you are a subscriber, or a registered user (which is free) you get sweet discounts on all the Singletrack branded Merch’. Click here to become a registered user.

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