Singletrack Salvation – Intimate Cycling Chamois Cream

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Singletrack Salvation intimate cycling chamois cream. It saves our souls.

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Do you ever get a sore bottom whilst cycling? Start using Singletrack Salvation intimate cycling chamois cream today. Simply apply a small amount (approx. 1 smidge or 2ml) onto your cycling shorts, or directly onto your intimate saddle regions for a smoother ride.

Made entirely from vegetables and no nasty petrochemicals, this chamois cream prevents friction, and firmly tells infection to take a hike.

It’s not only an arse cream, it also works on balls and lady parts too. What’s more Singletrack Salvation can also be used for:

  • After-sun
  • Insect Bites
  • Lip balm, but don’t double dip!
  • Pad / armour rub.
  • Jogger’s nipple.
  • Nordic Grind.

Do you know that having a wonderfully scented chamois adds sparkle to your personality… making you more charming and attractive?

To get your downstairs working for you, ask for Singletrack Salvation premium chamois cream today.


Technical specification:

  • 100g approx. contents.
  • Do not eat, do not use internally, not for infant use, contain nuts, do not use for evil.
  • Supplied in a brushed aluminium recyclable jar.
  • Vegan, made entirely from vegetable based ingredient including; thyme, clove and tea tree.
  • WARNING: Contains Nuts
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1 review for Singletrack Salvation – Intimate Cycling Chamois Cream

  1. Poopscoop

    Poopscoop (verified owner)

    Bought this recently. Very good so far, really nice fresh smell and very “waxy”, a little goes a long way. Recommended.

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