FGF 449 Fresh Goods Friday RockShox Pike Lyrik Sid 2019

Fresh Forking Goods 449: Meet the RockShox Ultimate family, and have fun in the sun

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The long weekend approaches and naturally our minds turn to fancy new RockShox forks, comfy saddles, fresh threads, and suncream. Oh, and pickles… 

Fabric Scoop Shallow Race Ti

  • Price: £69.99 (model shown is not available to buy)
  • From: Fabric.cc
Fabric Scoop Shallow Ti
For ambassadors only… and Ross.

Ross has been sent an ambassador only version of the rather comfortable Fabric Scoop Shallow Race saddle, so if you see him attempting a 50:01 style manoeuvre in the woods, please whoop and holler or he will be upset.

For us regular Joes, the Fabric Scoop Shallow Race Ti saddle is available for £69.99 without the obvious Fabric branding. Saddle features include a shallow profile, 7mm Titanium rails and a flexible nylon base for comfort.

Little Rider Company Jersey

little rider co classic jersey
Two thumbs up from the young Commencal rider.

Little Rider Co is a kids clothing brand that is targeting early riders with its range of high-performance, race-inspired jerseys. The brand caters for riders aged between 1-5 years old but also produces clothing for mums and dads so they don’t feel left out.

Pictured above is Devon, Andi’s youngest, in her Little Rider Co ‘Classic’ STEALTH jersey which costs £24.97. The tailored, long-sleeved jersey is made of lightweight Polyester and receives the official “Devon 2 thumbs up seal of approval”.

Santa Cruz 5010 Alloy R

2019 santa cruz 5010
In for test is this 5010 with plus (well, plus-minus) tyres.

Anyone following the exploits of Santa Cruz sponsored riders Danny MacAskill or Josh Lewis will be well aware of what this short travel bike is capable of. We’ve ordered in an R spec build of the alloy framed model for an upcoming magazine test, which comes with a Fox Rhythm 34 fork an SRAM 1 x 12 Eagle drive train made up of components from both the GX and NX ranges.

Made with genuine alloy!
Plus tyres are an interesting touch on this 2019 5010.
Plus tyres (They’re Plus/Minus, OK? Ed) are an interesting touch on this 2019 5010.

Interestingly our test bike has arrived with 2.6in plus tyres, and before you ask ‘No’ you can’t fit a 29er wheel in the rear (although, you might be able to squeeze one in the fork).

Bioderma Photoderm MAX 50+ SPF Sun Mist

Bioderma Photoderm MAX 50+ SPF Sun Mist
Bioderma Photoderm MAX 50+ SPF Sun Mist

Ever been riding on a beautiful sunny day only to have it ruined by suncream slowly flowing down your face and painfully stinging your eyes? Yup, it’s brutal, isn’t it? That’s why we’re testing this factor 50+ suncream from Bioderma which is meant to stay put.

Bioderma says the Photoderma Max 50+ is ideal for outdoor activities as it offers “very high protection without spreading”. The UVB and UVA filters make this sun protection formula ideal for all the family (ages 3+) but is especially good for hairy men…

RockShox Pike Ultimate

FGF 449 Fresh Goods Friday RockShox Pike 2019
The old Pike was rad, will this Ultimate version be rad…der?

This pair of shiny sliver RockShox Pike Ulitmate is of the 29er variant and have 150mm of stiction-free travel thanks to an update to the wiper seals. This fresh set of forks has already been bagsied by Andi for an upcoming retromod enduro bike build featuring svelte steel and swanky new XTR. Watch this space!

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate

FGF 449 Fresh Goods Friday RockShox Lyrik 2019
Red, the fastest colour money can buy.

After 12 months of thorough thrashing, the RockShox Lyrik Ross reviewed last year is finally going to get some rest time because this fresh monster is about to get plugged in. Like the rest of the Ultimate Signature range of RockShox forks, this updated Lyrik Ultimate has slippery new SKF seals, better performing oil out of the box, and a few damper tweaks. Watch out for a Ross shaped object flying through the trees on a trail near you soon.

RockShox SID Ultimate

FGF 449 Fresh Goods Friday RockShox Sid 2019
Even the SID has had an Ultimate makeover.

If we’re going to get RockShox Ultimate forks in we may as well get an (almost) complete set. We’re not sure where this set of blue SIDs are going to finally live, but whoever runs them better be prepared for a lot of trailside chat and fork envy. Just look at that sexy carbon crown and steerer!

FGF 449 Fresh Goods Friday RockShox Sid 2019
Now that IS swanky!

Misuzu Inari and Shinshin Washoku Juman Pickles

Chipps has been on the sake again, ordering up giant boxes of Japanese ingredients for his famous sushi parties that we never get invited to. Here we have Inari (rather delicious – no really! – fried tofu wraps) and some Pickled Cucumber too. There are other fun looking things in the box, but we don’t want to make you hungry if you’ve not had lunch yet.

So there we have another Fresh Goods Friday and the last one before we turn 50, yup next week will be Fresh Goods Friday 450! Can you believe it?

Anyway, on the tunes which were inspired by one of the above products. Can you guess which one?

Friday Tunes & #themtbchain

Here’s our regular playlist of the week to go along with our Fresh Goods. Each track is picked by a staff member here in the office and added to their individual playlist over on our Spotify page. Head over there to identify exactly who is responsible for each choice.

The sun has shone some more this week and issue 125 has been packed off to print, so this week’s staff tunes are a reflection of yet another deadline successfully navigated. If you like what we do at Singletrack then joining us as a Premier Member would really help us

The Singletrack MTB Chain

Remember to use the hashtag #themtbchain to suggest your additions. If we like your suggested tune and your reason for adding it then it will be included in the playlist.

Check out our MTB Chain page here to keep up on the additions and to try out more of our Singletrack playlists.

All of the Singletrack staff have their own playlists that list all their choices for each FGF. So if you want to see who is responsible for which song you can find out by checking out their personal choices. Hey, maybe follow their playlist and boost their egos in the office. Not that any of us need reader validation of our musical tastes or anything.

Staff playlist | Andi

Here’s Andi’s personal selection, which we are publishing here as a pity tactic as his playlist is one of just two staffers that have no followers as yet. The other staffer currently rocking a golden duck in the follower stakes is Chipps.

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    Curious! Brooklyn Machine Works? Curtis Thumpercross? Can’t think of any lighter old steel frames that would be up to the job…

    Damnit, I don’t understand these new HTML tags at all. I mean to quote “upcoming retromod enduro bike”.

    That Santa Cruz 5010 looks just like a more expensive Jamis Dakar. ;-)

    @finbar it’s more a retro-inspired paint job rather than a retro frame. But a BMW would be sweet.

    @MrAgreeable ;)

    Can I mention some money things? Please?
    £17 for Suncream!?!
    £25 for a kid’s jersey they’ll grow out of in a week?!?
    that’s all. thanks.

    I know they’ve been around for a while now, but that carbon crown! DAAAAAYYUM SON!! Looks so good!

    I have been trying some recently purchased Ambre Solaire UVSport from Boots about £8, SPF50, 200ml aerosol, meant to be sweatproof and not run into the eyes, not sure about that, I sweat a bit, and I realised on the second time of using that as I’m wearing a helmet when out that I didn’t need to do my forehead. You are not meant to spray it straight on the face, so I just spray onto my hand and apply to nose and top of cheeks and a bit on the chin, but that’s a bit hairy at the moment. Mainly for the arms, knees and calves, and a bit on the sides of the neck.

    P20 doesn’t run in to your eyes. Even when you’re bald like me!

    those welds on the SC don’t look premium to me.

    Sunscreen? Banana Boat 50SPF ‘dri-powder’ kids/baby is my ‘go to’ sunscreen. ‘Goes on like a lotion, dries like a powder’.

    If you’re after the ultimate sunscreen for sports then Bull Frog is good. Just hard to get hold of compared to Banana Boat Dri-Powder™.

    Sunscreen is a nightmare. Poor descriptions of UVA vs UVB protection. Poor descriptions of robustness with exercise and water. etc. etc.

    Whatever review https://www.reviews.com/sunscreen/

    That Blue Sid……

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