The Singletrack MTB Chain is our MTB related playlist of tunes, updated weekly. Suggest a track and you could win a Singletrack T-shirt

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Check out the tunes in our playlist above. Each track has a link to mountain biking and if you can suggest a track and a reason it should be in there that we like, then we’ll send you an exclusive Singletrack t-shirt.

Pick a tune: Win a t-shirt

You can use the hashtag #themtbchain on social media to make your suggestion or you can add your track choice in the comments below. Just make sure you explain why you’ve picked your track. It’s your explanation that will swing the judges opinion.

New tracks and winners are announced each week in Fresh Goods Friday.

You can follow us on Spotify and check out all our playlists from Fresh Goods Friday and even the playlists from individual Singletrack staffers.

Singletrack Staffers’ Playlists

Amanda | Art Director

“My music taste is heavily influenced by my metal head, law breaking, alcoholic father. It’s all his fault.”

andis fort william photos
Amanda tries and fails to contain her excitement

Andi – Editorial

Andy – Tech

Chipps – Editorial

Hannah – Editorial

James – Despatch

Mark – Publisher

Ross – Advertising

Tom – Tech

Wil – Editorial

Zoe – Subs & Accounts