RockShox Launches Improved Range Of Suspension For 2020

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It’s all change at RockShox for 2020! You’ll have seen teases of Rockshox Ultimate Pike forks and Lyriks and other oddly chromed looking forks on the front of sponsored riders’ bikes. Well, now we can reveal that it’s all new. And it’s been here under our noses for months. Read on for more on the 2020 RockShox Ultimate, Select+ and Select range.

Or is it? Yes and no. In short, RockShox has improved its already good Charger Damper to bring it up to Charger 2.1 status for the 2020 model year and it has streamlined its product naming system (hooray!). This is found in the whole 2020 RockShox Ultimate range, as well as in the Select+ and Select models too. More of those, below.

An Evil, last month in Tucson, Arizona.


Rockshox pike ultimate
There’s no hiding…

From the 2020 model year, which is about now in bike terms, RockShox’ product hierarchy will be simplified to three levels of quality and performance. So in order of fanciness, we now have:

  • Ultimate
  • Select+
  • Select

So, the Ultimate level is the pro-spec, all bells and whistles versions of every top end fork: Boxxer, Lyrik, Pike and SID. The same is true with the Deluxe and Super Deluxe rear shocks, including the Super Deluxe Coil shocks. This is so that riders can work through the RockShox range without getting confused by RC2 and RCT3 and all that (although, confusingly, there are RC2 and RCT3 options within the Ultimate range…)

And running through all of this is the newly redesigned Charger 2.1 damper. The Charger 2.1 has been tweaked to greatly improve (and actually soften) its high speed compression compliance in order to reduce hand fatigue. Meanwhile, the low speed compression has been firmed up to allow the fork to ride higher in its travel to keep all that travel ready for the big hits.

rockshox 2020 charger 2.1 damper
All sorts of new stuff in here…

The Charger 2.1 damper has a new SKF seal on the damper rod, reducing stiction and helping the fork over those smaller bumps. There’s a new piston wearband, which also helps keep the oil flowing.

rockshox charger 2.1 damper
It’s got a new Piston Wearband. You probably didn’t know it had one of them, did you?


New fluid

And talking of oil, RockShox is now using Maxima oil in all of its suspension, for more consistent performance in all temperatures.

Don’t tell him, Pike!

rockshox, 2020, pike, ultimate
Probably the fork you all want to learn about.

So, let’s talk about the Pike Ultimate. As probably the RockShox that appears on the most Singletrack forum bikes, all eyes are on this. The new 2020 Pike Ultimate features the Charger 2.1 damper,  there’s an RC2 or RCT3 option for either independent high and low speed compression adjust on the RC2 or a three-way compression adjust with low speed compression adjust  on the RCT3,. It gets the new SKF seals, new Maxima fork oil and the DebonAir air spring. And the price? Around £920, depending on options. The shiny silver is only an option on the Ultimate.

At the other end of the range, the Pike Select features the new Charger RC damper with low speed compression adjust and will come in about £695.

The Pike will come in these lengths: 120mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm and in 27.5in and 29in wheel sizes.
Offset, you ask?

  • 29in – 42mm, 51mm
  • 27.5in – 37mm, 46mm
Shiny Lyrik Ultimate. Chrome stickers as standard at this level.


sid, ultimate
The SID gets the same hierarchy too, though there’s also a SID Carbon in that mix too.


rockshox, lyrik, 2020
The Lyrik Ultimate will also come in smart red, black and silver.

RockShox has announced that it is using SKF wiper seals in its fork. The companies have been working together for the last five years – and to be honest, we thought they already used SKF seals. But they definitely do now. It’s official.

RockShox now uses SKF seals for sealing.

The 2020 RockShox Ultimate range doesn’t just cover forks, it applies to the rear shock range too – from the simpler Deluxe, to the Super Deluxe Coil shock, which gains an Ultimate level.

2020 rockshox, super deluxe coil,
The RockShox Ultimate, Select+ and Select range applies to rear shocks as well. Even the coil shocks.


2020 rockshox deluxe shock
RockShox Ultimate gear has been showing up on pro bikes for a while now. Secrets in plain sight.


rockshox, super deluxe, ultimate, 2020, rear suspension
And here’s a RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate


rockshox, pike, ultimate
The silver foil style decals are hard to miss. This is the top of the shop Pike Ultimate


2020 pike ultimate
We do like this shiny silver finish. Imagine that on the front of a Sterling Silver Orange Five then…

The RockShox MegNeg is slightly glossed over in the press release, but it’s a detailed suspension tuning kit, with replacement air can for RockShox air shocks. The bigger air can allows for a lot more tunability, as well as providing a bigger negative spring for better performance. RockShox says “Providing an even larger negative volume gives you more mid-stroke support, a plusher initial feel, and more bottom out force using less tokens.” It’ll work with Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks and will come in at £90 including air can, tokens, seals and decals.

rockshox meg neg
MegNeg – Not a large shark, but a shock tuning add-on.


Blue SID Ultimate Carbon. There’s a SID Ultimate too, then a Select+ SID and a Select SID


pike, rockshox, 2020, ultimate
There’s no grip here, however good your suspension is. 🙂

When is it all available? Rockshox says ‘Now’ so you should start to see these forks and shocks start to appear on bikes and in shops any day… now.

For more info and big stoke, hyperbole, video and imagery for the 2020 Rockshox Ultimate forks, shocks and the rest of the range, go to


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    So they will actually sell you a thing called a “Super Deluxe Ultimate”?

    megneg is like a massive insult as a compliment, is it not?

    I love new stuff but this relentless march of just improving everything as soon as it has just been improved SUCKS. Stop making things better all the time!

    Isn’t Rockshox fork oil just rebranded Maxima oil anyway – with the huge “Rockshox” margin added to it!

    Will the Charger 2.1 Damper fit the old 35mm forks? Would be good to know before I upgrade my Yari…

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