2019 YT Jeffsy Range Revealed!

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We’ve been playing you. Sorry, but it had to be done, because some things have to be secrets. Yes, when the new YT 2019 line up was launched, we knew fine well what was coming with the Jeffsy because we’d already ridden it. Sneaky, aren’t we?

Head here for the full First Ride Review of the Jeffsy 29 CF Pro, or read on for a brief look at the range.

The Jeffsy sits below the Capra in travel – an enduro offering that will accept a downhill fork – and has been pitched as a trail bike. However, the new model is surely pushing the definition of trail bike and we can’t help think that maybe there’s a bit of a shuffling up of radness that will leave space for something shorter travelled in the next model year or two. As it stands, the Jeffsy now comes in 27.5in 160mm or 150mm travel versions, or for 29er models both 150mm or 140mm are available. And, you can have carbon fibre or alloy in both wheels sizes, though only in the shorter travel models. In all, there are four models in each wheel size, with two colours at each price point. Prices start at £2,099 for the alloy model, and go up to £4,799 for the CF Pro Race that we tested on the launch near Faro, Portugal.

Base model 27.5 alloy – pretty nice for £2,099?
Base model alloy 29er, costs the same as a 27.5, available in the same colour options.

Both bikes get tweaks to seat and head tube angles, and the standover on both has been increased to recognise the greater selection of longer dropper posts now on the market. Riders can now size up or down according to their reach preferences rather than the need to clear the top tube. But for those that like it big, there is now an extra size in the 29er line up, with five sizes from Small to XXL. If you want to go long, the XXL now offers a reach of 510mm in the model we tested.

Summary of changes to 27.5 model for 2019
27.5 geometry.


Summary of changes to 29er model for 2019

Kinematics have been tweaked to provide a more consistent feel to the suspension, plus greater anti squat properties, which should see the bike as a more capable pedaler. While overall stiffness remains the same, the front has been made stiffer for improved handling on big hits.

Frame construction has also been altered to create enough room for a 600mm Fidlock bottle in all the sizes. If you don’t want to use this magnetic arrangement, there’s a cover plate that will keep the water out of your frame, or which will accommodate a standard bottle cage (though then you’ll only fit a 500ml bottle in there on size large and up, but it may come in handy for a tool keg).

For all the details straight from the designer’s mouth, check out our interview with Stefan “Willie” Willared:

Bolt on down tube.
Chainstays have added inner protection, and lengths vary across sizes.
Top of the range model, CF Pro Race £4,799


Hannah’s travel and accommodation was covered by YT Industries.

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    Am I right in thinking the alloy frame is basically the same as the previous model? It;s just the carbon frames that have the updated geometry?

    Says on the YT site that the alloy is last years and that a new one will be coming later.

    ‘Head here for the full First Ride Review of the Jeffsy 29 CF Pro’ at the top of this page.

    Well that doesn’t work

    Apologies @robertpb that’s fixed now.

    I think it looks great but sadly wife doesn’t seem to want to sign off the purchase of a Pro Race

    600ml water bottle? What the hell were they thinking? Would have been Bob on of it’d taken a min 1l standard bottle.

    The search continues, 29er, threaded bb, full water bottle, 150mm travel, not silly money….

    I am logged in and a digital subscriber….why can’t I read this? Do I need to be a Premium / print subscriber?

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