YT Jeffsy 2019: Video Teaser Released

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We ran a story earlier this week on the new YT range, where we noted that there was a rather big Jeffsy shaped hole. While there are still no details on what the fine details of that hole might be filled by, it’s clear that there is something on the way as there’s a new video just released trailing the new Jeffsy for 2019. We’ll let Hannah take up the tale…

Readers with long memories may recall the first Jeffsy teaser video, or the more recent Capra video. Some…ahem…might say that the video offerings from YT have been improving over time. I can admit to being a bit scared watching that Capra video, and this latest production is certainly not what I would expect from a bike promo. Check it out:

Now, maybe I’m feeling a bit soft. Maybe I’m a touch emotional, and all this talk of friends and friendship is just striking chords with me because that’s where my head is at right now. I did recently write a column about riding buddies for the magazine which is probably in the same league of flowery-say-what? as this video. Oh, and I wrote about the connections that bikes create in Issue 120 too. So maybe I’m primed. But hell, I don’t care. This video makes me want to weep a little bit, and then hug all my friends. Even the ones that don’t ride bikes. Bravo to the copywriter.

Anyway (dabs at the corner of an eye)…weeping, emotional connections and bike love aside…

What the what?

Christopher Walken?

Pure evil, talks about friendship?

Mr. ‘I don’t need to be made to look evil. I can do that on my own’?

Well, that’s pretty unconventional. No sponsored rider, just a big name acting legend. Presumably he doesn’t get out of bed in exchange for a free bike, either.

There’s no roost. No steeze. No braap. No one even so much as gets on the bike and rides it off a kerb. There’s a brief glimpse of a bike in the background, and that’s it. In a world of shredits and drone footage, it stands out. I’m not entirely sure what it all has to do with bikes, but I’m not sure if I care.

A glimpse is all you get. It’s not even the drive side. Is it even the new Jeffsy?

It’s different. I like it.

Now, what about that bike? We’ll keep you posted.

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