Monday Debrief 107

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Yes, it snowed. There was much excitement. Social media went wild. Everyone leapt onto their fat bikes and went out to play.

snow spaniel
Snow! Sticks! Snow! Sticks! Snow! Sticks! Snow! Sticks!

Well, Mark did. Or at least he went out to play. Or at least his spaniels did. No bikes were involved. But he did go out in the snow, on two feet. Fat bike owners, did any of you actually get out to play in the snow? Or had the snow melted by the time you’d dug it out the back of the shed and reinflated the tyres?

Is that a number or a bar code?

Andy from IT makes a rare appearance this week, also out playing on two feet. It’s the start of the cross country season – and apparently down south in Mirfield it’s still autumn.

Pintxos Spain Food
Apparently these are fake baby eels. #FakeEels

Further south still, I was playing out in Bilbao. Like, out out. With beer, without children. And with bread. Lots and lots of bread, with lots and lots of different things on the top. I lost count of how many pintxos I ate, but I did manage three galleries and two choral performances, and apparently about 20 miles of walking. Pretty good going for a couple of days of adulting I think.

Contador slippers
Contador dancing on the pedals in his slippers?

One of the curiosities I discovered in Bilbao was its very singular shops. Shops that sell nothing but pyjamas, others that sell only towels, and this shop which sold nothing but slippers. I’m pretty sure this is a pair of Alberto Contador slippers. I’m a bit sad I didn’t buy them.

Chipps Cross Racing jetwashZeven. Looks lovely.A bit further north, Chipps was in Germany for a weekend of cross racing. Spectating, not riding. Here’s his report:

I took a trip over to Germany to watch the Zeven round of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup. All of the races – Juniors, Women and Men’s were really gripping and the muddy course kept the mechanics busy jetwashing the bikes (which then led to more water and mud on the course, which led to muddier bikes). It was a great event, though it did lack the ‘EuroDiscoPartyTent’ of the Belgian rounds so had a little more of a businesslike feel. If you ever get a chance to watch a proper continental ‘cross race, jump at it. The access to the pits and the close confines of the racing makes for a great spectator event that you don’t really get with road racing. 

Chipps Cross Racing mud
Speed slop splash.
Chipps Cross Racing
‘Quick, there are only enough hots showers for ten!’

With some much travelling going on, there was no Fresh Goods Friday Live last week, and it was #DrinkBeerAtTheAirportFriday. So instead, we’ll leave you with this bottom puckering video from Pete Scullion – check out Issue 116 of Singletrack for the full story behind this trail.

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