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Dan Milner appears to be living the dream – an in-demand photographer who gets to travel the world taking pictures and riding bikes. Indeed, he shot the cover for Issue 116 of Singletrack, which is at the printers right now (and will be available to buy here soon).

Dan’s cover shot for Issue 116.

When you live in a perpetual world of high stoke, it must be hard to find something new. Or to ride from your back door when last week you were riding down a volcano, or through a jungle. The peril of the cycle path down the side of the A-road is nothing compared to a rickety swinging rope bridge over a precipitous gorge. Getting your kicks must get hard.

Dan Milner PSI
It’s hard to keep on top of the world all the time.
Dan Milner PSI
Sometimes you come down to earth with a bump.
Dan Milner PSI
Look ahead and keep your goals in sight.

Billed as ‘P.S.I. – a rider takes trail riding to new levels while juggling the pressures of living life on the edge’, Dan’s latest film looks at the need to reach for more. More stoke, more speed, more fast, more fear. What drives him onwards, what keeps the fives high. It’s an exploration of adrenaline, risk, and reward.

Or something like that, anyway. If the reception to his earlier film ‘Porpoise Hunter’ is anything to go by, some of you are going to hate this video. Some of you will be a bit ‘meh?’. And then there will be those of you who chuckle gently. Oh, and probably a handful of you who look and think ‘that looks like a great idea’.

Which camp are you in? Should Dan stick to taking gorgeous photographs, or do you like his take on adventure videos too?

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