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The next issue of Singletrack is now with the printer. Whoop! So a dose of lovely printed ride inspiration will be heading your way soon. What’s that? You don’t subscribe? Never fear! It’s not to late to get the next issue of Singletrack delivered to your door – you just need to pre order your copy here.

Cover shot by Dan Milner

Why should you pre order?

If you don’t already subscribe, pre-ordering means that you will get Issue 116 of Singletrack delivered to your door. Better still, by pre-ordering you’ll get a copy sent out to you just as soon as Mr James Love, our Despatch Guy, can lovingly slip your copy of Singletrack into an envelope and send it on its way to you. And he’s pretty quick – watching him lick envelopes is a thing to behold.

James Love – Despatch Guy

Even more importantly than having a packed-with-love by Mr Love copy of Singletrack sent your way, buying from us means you’ll get the Premier Edition of Singletrack. This is a whole 32 pages longer than the version you’d get at the newsagent, and has a clean cover free of cover lines, so you can truly admire this issue’s cover shot, by Dan Milner.

If you buy Singletrack at the newsagent, you’ll get this version – 32 pages shorter.

This issue’s Premier Edition comes with a FREE CALENDAR. Great riding shots, and you can plan all the days you’re going to be riding your bike for the year ahead.

Free calendar – for planning the good stuff in life.

Want to know what’s inside this Issue 116? Read on…

What’s inside? Click the image for detail – or to view any of our other images full size, full lush.

Adventure comes in many forms. This issue we go to opposite ends of England in search of some very different trails.

issue 116, trail hunter, high cup nick
England’s last wilderness?

In TRAIL HUNTER Tom Fenton battles the Helm wind in a ride through the last wilderness of England. Cross Fell and High Cup Nick provide the backdrop for this issue’s quest to check out the finest trails the UK has to offer.

classic ride, issue 116, purbeck
Are you sure the path is this way?

At the other end of the country, Tom Hutton takes us on a tour of the Isle of Purbeck. White chalk cliffs and a ferry ride make for a perfect day out in this issue’s CLASSIC RIDE.

Further afield, in a level of adventure that many of us will prefer to experience vicariously, Pete Scullion teeters along a ridgeline trail in the Alps that will have you gripping the arms of your chair. Don’t look down, don’t fall left (or right), don’t catch a pedal, and don’t spill your tea as you read this SPINEOLOGY feature.

issue 116, pete scullion, alps, spineology
A safe spot. Phew.

If all that adventure is getting too much, sit back and read words of wit and wisdom from our regular columnist Jason Miles, and Room 101 judge Charlie The Bikemonger. Because riding bikes should be fun.

116 Man of Porage
Not your typical bike race.

Making sure racing bikes is fun too, Lee Craigie introduces us to the MAN OF PORAGE race. You have to be invited to take part, and if you win it you have to organise it next year. This year’s rules included mandatory face painting, extra points for cafe stops, and being good at Scrabble was nearly as important as your ability to ride a bike. Join us for a peek into the race we’re all hoping to be invited to next year.

Keep your wheels turning and your brain cells firing with our tech features.

116 wheels
Sub £1,500 carbon wheels, tested.

This issue we check out SUB £1,500 CARBON WHEELS. We’ve tested six wheelsets, and the three winners are reviewed here. And even if you’re not in the market for carbon wheels, you’ll learn plenty about how they differ from one set to another, and why.

116 Bike Test Dalby XC
It’s doesn’t have to be a hardtail to be fast.

With elite riders choosing to race XC on full suspension, we figured we ought to see what’s turning their heads. Wil puts three FULL SUSPENSION XC BIKES from Giant, Scott and Specialized to the test.

Julbo Jura Hannah Enduro Mons Royale Liv
What’s got our stoke levels high this year? Find out in Editors’ Choice.

What’s been rocking our world this year? Check out our pick of the best events, kit and tech in EDITORS’ CHOICE 2017. It’s got to be really special to make our hit list!

Premier Edition – EXTRA 32 Pages

Every subscriber gets the Premier Edition, with extra features that are just not available in newsagent copies of Singletrack. The Premier Edition also has a cover free from attention grabbing headlines, which results in it looking lovelier on your coffee table. That’s less stuff ON, and more stuff IN. For Issue 116, the extra features are:

116 Norway

Berne Broudy heads to Norway to discover the trails that the locals themselves are only just discovering. Hike a bike, slippery rocks and trail for miles – and you get to sleep on a boat and wake up in a new location for fresh trails the next day. Sounds like a winning combination to us.

116 Trickstuff

Jeans to work, dogs round your ankles, and lots of shiny bike components – that’s our kind of workshop. We head to Germany and discover a happy family of bike enthusiasts who are always looking to make things just a bit better.

116 Ride Life Cycle
Life Cycle of a Riding Spot: a tragedy, told in 11 chapters.

Antony de Heveningham charts the rise and fall of your local woods.

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